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Kingdom Heirs – First aired on November 7, 2019 on KXXT1010AM at 4:15PM

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Kingdom Heirs

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Kingdom Heirs – First airing on November 7, 2019 on KXXT1010AM at 4:15PM

Are you living  your life under the taskmaster?  Is the taskmaster dictating your day, and telling you what to do?  Is he making you work, work, work as though there is no time for me(God), worship, and reading my word?

Think of the days of Egypt, my son, and my daughter.  The enemy had a 400-year stronghold of a delated workforce in operation – SLAVERY!

(I had to look this up:  delation. Noun. (plural delations) (law) An accusation or charge brought against someone, especially by an informer.)

Are you a slave to your job?  Are you a slave to the things that surround you?  Or are you in mastery over everything that surrounds you?  For you, my son, and my daughter have kingship in you,  and are to be in mastery over your specific kingdom.

Do not be like Esau, who despised his birthright. (for a single meal, deleted his kingship)

Do not be like the heathen, sowing chaos and confusion in your life by allowing circumstances and worldly things to dictate your day.

Know ye not  Ye are Kingdom Heirs? – Ye are Holy and Righteous unto me?

Do not give chaos and confusion another thought.  Is there an ’emergency’?  Do you feel PRESSURE?

Are you being pushed and pulled into every direction?  For this is the chaos and confusion I am talking about.

It all stems in witchcraft.  Yes, it is true.  Why is this so?  Because my son, and daughter, it is the competition of control.  Who will win this game, and have mastery over it?

Do not give your worldly possessions another thought, my child.  For this is not the mindset I wish you to operate in.

Your mind-set is to be Kingdom-minded.  Putting me first so all other things shall be added unto you.

Now then, How to do this mastery, yes?

I am Master and King over your life, my child – Then why do you look around you, as though I have disappeared from the earth?  For I live in you!

I watch you do this over and over, never really asking me or waiting for an answer – I tell you the truth no answer will be given to the one who is not willing to listen.

Trust me, my son and my daughter, for I am master over chaos and confusion.

Do you want the order of heaven to be released unto you?  Then establish the order of heaven into your home, business, life, and mind-set.  This cancels all chaos and confusion stemming from witchcraft.

Yes, it is true, It is as I say.

This is where Dilemma takes place.  Like I said, there is a competition for control.

(I looked this up also: A dilemma is a tough choice. When you’re in a difficult situation and each option looks equally bad, you’re in a dilemma. Dilemma is from a Greek for “double proposition.” It was originally a technical term of logic, but we use it now for any time you have a problem with no satisfactory solution)

The most influential place for chaos and confusion to take place is in your mind.  Let the kingdom of God and the order of heaven be established in your mind.  Your thinking controls everything  you do.  And what is in your heart affects your thinking process.  For chaos and confusion shall not have mastery over you.

Cut the ties and the stronghold and release yourself into my loving, caring arms. 

Are you a puppet to the taskmaster?  Or are you a servant to the King?

For you are to be a Kingdom Heir. 

Kingdom heirs are those who will be and are training to be on the throne.  Those who inherit the throne are in their rest. 

 For did not God rest on the 7th day?

And were not the Israelites under a demonic workforce with no rest?

Why is Satan after your rest?

Do you find it interesting, that you, my son and daughter have not had your rest?

“What is rest?”  you say.  “There is so much to do.”  you say.  “I have to do this, and I have to do that.”

But isn’t this, my son and daughter, just like living under the Egyptian taskforce with NO PAY?

“Work, Work, Work!” says the taskmaster. 

Are you listening to ME?

Has this demonic workforce become the staple voice in your mind?   Is this what you hear, “Work, Work, Work!” ?

Who and what are YOU listening to?  For am I not your provider?  Have you lost  your trust?  Do you owe, owe, owe, so you work, work, work?

For YOU are to be Kingdom Heirs, my children.  ..Training into your kingship position.  But how can you rule and reign, if you are a slave?

My intention was never to give you a position as a slave to the world, my children.  So then, take your Sabbath and take your rest.

Do not listen to the taskmaster’s voice who will not ever  give you a break.  – For isn’t this the order of hell?

Do you not remember the order of hell is chaos, confusion, witchcraft, which is the competition of control – and is ultimately the place of NO REST?

Which is,  if you haven’t already figured out – the opposite of REST?

My  word says,  “Work for 6 days and rest on the Sabbath, for I the Lord your God rested on the Sabbath – the 7th day.” 

Do you believe this to be true?  Do you think you will get more accomplished by continuing to work day-in and day out?   Does this not tell you that something has gotten control over your mind? – competing with the Truth of Rest?

Is the enemy lying to you?  .. and does he have control over your thoughts?

And do not these things stem even deeper, into fear and worry?

Are you going in circles?

Let me ask you something, my child.  Why do you think I have the 10 commandments – and other regulations and rules for living?  For control, or for order?

For they are not the same. 

Commanding the order of heaven to be established is a great thing to pray. 

Did I not give a long list of blessings for your obedience to these things?  And did I not give a long list of curses as well for disobedience to these things?

But not to control you, my daughter, and son.  But to FREE YOU from the culprit, from the taskmaster, from all other evil influence and dark dominion.

The order of heaven is the kingdom of light.  Did I not say, “Let there be light.”?  Was there not chaotic waters before I established solid, firm ground to appear?

Let there be … is how I began the world.   So you , too can begin your day with Let there be……… 

Establish the order of heaven and all that is to be accomplished, from your seated position – for you are seated in heavenly places and are a Kingdom Heir!  

For this is true wisdom.

Will you heed my instructions and trust in me?  Because the more you do, the more the workforce and taskmaster’s voice will diminish, and will begin to dissipate and eventually disappear.

Listen to me, my child, not so I can control  you, but so I can train you to be a Kingdom Heir,  which is what the goal is behind the 10 commandments.

They are not the enslave you, my child, they are there to empower YOU.  Is it any wonder the enemy has removed the 10 commandments from the public arena?  Only so he can control you?  ..Even though he lies to you, and says you are free now?

WOW.  You have been deceived.  Do not allow the culprit to lie to you and do not buy his wares.

Enter my rest – my son and daughter and become a Kingdom Heir to the Kingdom of Light.

Come out of agreement with the Kingdom of Darkness, renounce all witchcraft, which creates chaos and confusion.  Do not go this way, for Hell is its final destination, my child.

Be a doer of the word of God – not just hearers only. 

Live your life for me, daughter and son,  Princess, and Prince, Queen and King.  And YOU will train to reign.  To rule, and not to be ruled by the world.

You are living in the world, and it is a very easy place to be deceived. 

Purchase for yourself the beautiful, wonderful, Pearl of Great Price, who mastered everything by ridiculous obedience.

Master your day, my child by reigning over it.  You dictate your day by establishing the order of heaven into it.

Be obedient to Me and all order will be established in you.  For you are destined to become a Kingdom Heir – training to rule and reign over the earth and all that is in it.  And this is done from your seated position in the heavenlies. 

And your seated position is your place of rest

And your place of rest is established through your obedience.

And your obedience is established through trust.

 And trust is established by practice, and action.

Become a Kingdom Heir – and rule and reign, and live out your destiny.

I never called you to be a slave to the world, and all that is in it.

Remove all deception from your life by asking me to reveal to you, where you have been deceived.

 For Satan is the master deceiver.  And the Holy Spirit is the Master Revealer! Ask the Holy Spirit into your life, for He will guide you into all truth. 

I have given you everything  you need to fulfill your destiny, now use them by; reading my word, worshipping me, and through prayer and petitions.  For YOU  were chosen and to be called – a Kingdom Heir.

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Living for God – SoundCloud

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Photo by Kyoko Hope

Living for God

Thank you for visiting It’s Your Divine Destiny! We invite you to join Janet Mata on KXXT1010am every Thursday at 4:15PM and Sunday at 9:45AM  Arizona time online or on radio, or join the program on SoundCloud or OmnyStudio on demand anytime worldwide.  It’s Your Divine Destiny is sponsored by BeautyforAshesBoutique.com

Photo by Kyoko Hope

And here is today’s Word of Wisdom ..

My love,  bask in my goodness.  Bask in me.  Soak in my presence.  Fill yourself with my power.  Receive my resurrection from the dead.

Pour out your worries, flurries, angst and fears.  Pour out your anger, unrest, stress, and disappointment.  Let loose all sadness, jealousy and comparisons.

For these are worldly.  Come up, and come higher for I have a better plan.

Receive my peace and contentment.  Receive my value and humility.  Grasp my humbleness and strength.    Move slowly, and let your mind be set like flint, not moving to the right or left.

For these are of me, and are of great value.  Purchase for yourselves the costly pearl of great price.

Let all your value be invested in this pearl, for I am that pearl.  I am the pearl of utmost value, where you can sell everything you have to buy it, it is that valuable.

Where is your focus?  In what are you placing all your value?  Is your focus on what is wrong or what is right?  Is the glass 1/2 empty or full?  And what does this do to your mind and thinking?

For these are patterns of destruction and patterns of life.  There is negative and there is positive.  Negative spirals downward and positive spirals upward.

Purchasing the pearl of great price requires you to sell all you have.   Sell all you have!  What does this mean?   Let go of all you thought was valuable in your life and purchase things that are eternal.  Things you thought were valuable are fleeting.  Fleeting things are here one day and gone the next.  

Eternal things are peace, love, joy, contentment, patience, faithfulness, goodness and self-control.

Things that last are kindness, meekness, humility and giving.

Things of value are Prayer, Worship, and reading my Word. 

If you are missing these, then you are missing life altogether.

Where is you focus and what are you thinking?

Are you talking idly?  Are your words full of bitterness, gossip, and lying? 

Are your actions portraying fear and resentment, and do you sometimes consider yourself as a failure?

Why be a part of the detrimental system when you have much to offer through the many strengths that are available on the earth? 

Time is money, some say.  But I say, time is Spirit.  You can use it to build you up or tear yourself down.

Will you be lax in your self-discipline?  And how do you practice self-discipline?

Self control does not say, “Yes” to everything, in fact it says, “No” more often that “Yes”.

But think about this;  Self-discipline and self-control can say,” Yes” if you are saying, “Yes” to the best choice.

Take your time, and do not hurry.  Rest in me and not in flurries.  Set your feet on the solid rock and stand up tall in my strength, for God prevails.

God triumphs over fear and failure. Rest triumphs over unrest. 

Focus triumphs over distractions.

Strength triumphs over weakness.

I am your strength and your shield.  I am the foundation upon which to build your house.  All others are sinking sand.

Remember where your strength comes from.  It comes from me, Yeshua Hamashiach, the one and only Messiah of the world.  The Anointed One,  the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Give me all of you, then you will have room for all of me.

It’s all or nothing.  Remember it’s the lukewarm I detest.  Do not be immersed 1/2 way – Living for God in a mediocre fashion. 

On the contrary, Let God be your life, and allow Him to change you every day.  For He is glorious and righteous.  He is worthy, and lovely.  And He is waiting for you right now.

Words of Encouragement:

Revelation 3:16

I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other!   So because you are lukewarm- neither hot or cold – I am about to vomit you out of My mouth!

Isaiah 41:10

Don’t be afraid, because I am with you. Don’t be intimidated; I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you.  I will support you with my victorious right hand.

Matthew 13:45 & 46

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls.  When he found one very precious pearl, he went away and sold all he had and bought it.

Worship Flag Testimony with Lisa Castillo Part 1 – SoundCloud

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I Am Alive

Inspirational writing by Janet Mata

KXXT1010AM   It’s Your Divine Destiny Radio Show Airing 6/16 Thursday@4:15PM, 6/17Friday@10:45AM and 6/19/2016Sunday@9:45AM

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Behold, I am doing a new thing in this day and hour.  Behold, Behold and see for the Lord is good.  I am the victorious one, the one who causes you to triumph over every situation.  Does it seem bleak?  Is your spirit at dis-ease? Worry not, and fret not, for your King and savior has it all planned out.  My ways are perfect, I am never early, never late.  In man’s eyes many a time I was late, but my ways are much higher than man’s ways,  I see the past, present and future all at once. I am the greatest multi-tasker that exists!

Imagine all the prayers, situations, galaxies, and hairs on heads that I have knowledge of.  I manage my creation well, although there are those who work against me, I always have a plan and am never caught off guard without a plan of action.  I am the militant leader of all that exists.  Imagine all the greatest armies and military tactics, I have understanding of them all.

You see, I am the greatest, the most awesome in sign and wonder, as who else could cause a great and mighty river such as the Nile to well up on both sides to let the mass tribe of Israel to part through on dry ground?  Where is your sense of excitement?  Following the Lord is exciting, it isn’t boring at all.

It is not a religious feat, or specific prayer.  It isn’t a ceremony or an award, and it isn’t a piece of paper like a certificate or plaque.  Following the Lord isn’t a statue, nor do I like you to speak to me as though I were one.  I am alive.  I am alive.  I am living and active, just as the word of God divides asunder joints and marrow, and I discern the hearts of evil and willing good men.  For everyone has some issues.  But seek after me, the LORD of LORDs, the KING of KINGS, seek after my statutes, my word, my kingdom, my presence, my attributes.  Get to know me and release yourself from everything you learned that is religious.

For I am not a religion.  I am God, the creator of the universe.  The only true religion is to help the widows and orphans.   Feed those in need and in starvation, both in physical food and spiritual food.

For your famine is not just a famine of food, but also of the food for your soul.  Do some of you consider this meaningless?  Because you cannot fathom what is unseen?

I say to you, seek me in this day and hour.  Seek me in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Find me everywhere you go.  Be real with me and I will be real with you.  Do you expect a statue to speak back to you?  Do you expect a piece of paper to write in response to your prayers?  Do you expect photographs of me to come to life and speak?  Nonsense!  I reveal myself  to anyone I wish.  I am the lover of your soul.  I am alive and active and I speak full and complete sentences.  Keep on seeking and keep on knocking until you hear me so we may supp with one another.

Religion is dead.  It is repetitive and does not bring life.  Seek the kingdom my children.   Repent of your evil deeds and your imagined successes.  Repent of your imagery and tactics that I have neither supported nor endorsed.

Come back to me, the one and only, the God of Gods, the Lord of Hosts.  I created everything, do you see how futile your man-made ideas are?

Let go of your statues, let go of your paper certificates, titles, and photographs.

Come away with me and lay those things aside.  For I do not speak through the means of any of these.

But I speak to you directly.  I can give you my heart if you ask me.  We can be one together if you invite me.

I will not force myself upon anyone.   The game is seek, then find.  I have many treasures awaiting you if you only believe and begin your journey with me.

And no two journeys are exactly alike, so stop your comparisons and judgments.

For I am a creative force.  No two set of fingerprints are exactly alike.  No two set of twins or triplets and exactly the same.  They may have many similarities but no two are an exact replication.

Repent and turn away, and come back to me.  Be sensible and let’s talk about it.  Believe that I will speak, because sincerely I do speak, and I do act.

I am the greatest that ever existed, only because I created it all.  I formed you in your mother’s womb.  I knit you together, soul and body.

So then, come to me in this hour and this day, for truly I am doing the miraculous.  Truly I am alive and truly I speak.

Trust me and get rid of your paper certificates, statues, rosaries and photographs.  For Paul never carried any of these.  I was never known to ever own any of them either.  And my mother, that many find important to worship, never ever had them either.

So then, clean your house of everything that I did not tell you to buy or worship with.  Do you believe me, my word, or the word of man?  Will you be ignorant forever?  You are responsible to me, and to what my word says.  Let go of religion, and come to me in this hour and time.  Come and I will change everything for the better.

Destruction is coming for those who are unwilling to listen, and the fearful.  I say again, come to me, and I will give you rest from these things.  I will show you true life which comes from my word and from me.  Do not be afraid, earnestly pray to be delivered of everything that I never endorsed, and certainly never did myself.

Think about it.

Your loving Father in Heaven,

and the Holy Spirit, and the Son.

Revelation 1:18

I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

The Whole Word

The Whole Word – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #36 – 7/8/2008 – Airing on 9/18/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

I am that I am. I am Elohim. I am Jehovah Jireh. I am Jehovah Shalom – your everything. Come to me for all your burdens, troubles and even ideas! For all good things come from me. I am whom you seek. I exist in every realm and dimension. I am so intricate and yet so expansive, never ending. This is whom you seek. I am your banner of love, your healer, and provider. I am that I am. I am the bright and morning star. I am your battle guard and shield. I am rich beyond measure. I speak truth. I am Elohim-Joppa. I am the sword of the Spirit. I am whom you seek. I am the expanse. I am the fields and the skies (sky). I am creation itself – It is who I am. I live in all I have created. A part of me goes into each work of art I have created, whether good or evil, plant, animal or human. For all things were created for good, and the good of mankind.

Pride and shame both exalt themselves above me but do not succeed. However, these are the things that separate me from my people. Women and men of faith please me. Doubt and unbelief are of Satan, they are not human nature. Know this and think accordingly. Do not give way to the wiles of the devil. But give wholeheartedly all to me as I know how to balance and create unity. Unity is how I made creation. Everything functions and is designed to function in balance – with a cause and effect for each action. Therefore know my word and live, breathe, and speak my word so you may be filled to the full and live in unity with all peoples.

I am not radical – although the religious think so. The religious men are predictable, are trained and repeat themselves and their traditions. Yet I am a creative force – yes unpredictable in the ways of man, but always can be counted on. This is whom you seek. Therefore believe in me, which includes every word from my written word. All my word must be believed – not just portions. Do you believe in your hand but not your foot? Your eyes but not your mouth? This brings utter ruin! No – believe the whole Word – both what is written and what is not written (the unseen) and truly you will see miracles come to pass. Bring the whole word as you do the whole tithe in to the storehouse so there will be food enough for all. Because man does not live on bread alone, but by every word of God.

Preachers and teachers – Bring the whole word into the storehouse (peoples hearts and minds) so I may fully function in your churches. Truly, the day is coming where each church is weighed. Whom are you serving? You must love me more than your congregation, your salaries, and yes your very lives. This is a tall but necessary order. Do not be deceived in these last days. If you are not sure your Church is missing a portion of my word – than come to me and ask me, for I always give with good measure to those who ask and seek me. And do not hesitate to listen to the prophets I send you – and yes, weigh the word to my word to see if it is truly of my Spirit. Pray, seek, and knock – for I always confirm my word with 2 or 3 witnesses. Be encouraged in these last days my servants. For I am all you seek, live and breathe. Remove every weight that hinders your walk with me. For the times are here where your walk is a running race and weights will not be a help to you at all. All you have taken on – whether good or bad – if it is slowing you down, then remove it so I may complete the work I have started in each of you. Even a small thing will feel quite burdensome after running long distances with it. Remove every weight that hinders – no matter how small or insignificant. Be wise and seek me – for I will reveal through two and sometimes three witnesses as what shall be removed. Remember – The religious leaders removed ‘Jesus’ because they hated him. So don’t be like the religious men – cutting out and removing your very life force. Be wise and seek me as to know what should be removed. Christ died for the church – so it is I require your hearts – to lay down your lives for the sake of your flocks. Remember – if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly. You who want miracles in your services but do not sow enough of my word in your teachings – you yourselves must become my word- in unity so my word may flow forth from your hearts and minds through your speech to obtain the miracles you seek. Bring the whole word in to my storehouse (peoples hearts and minds) so there will be food in my house (so my sheep may survive in these last days)

Special Guests: Apostle Michael Petro & Prophet Mornay Johnson 







Equally Yolked

Equally Yolked – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #35- 8/26/2014 – Airing on 9/11/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

This is the word you are to share:

People, this is a crucial time. I have prepared many for such a time as this. Many of you will be called and used in ways unimaginable to you at this time. But Glory be to God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Hosts – The Kingdom of Light.

The special word for today is FOCUS. Which means – focus on the assignment I have called you to. It doesn’t mean to do what everyone else is doing – especially if you feel you have to. It means to focus on Me- Yeshua Hamashia – who is Jesus Christ, the Christ, the Holy on of God – and it means to be one with Me, to be equally yolked with me. It is not so much a fight than it is to be equally yolked with your Lord and Savior. Stop you striving and come into the place of worship and rest.

Pray much my children with fervency. Lift up every circumstance to me. Striving features worry. But resting in me means – accomplishing much while being equally yolked with me.

One of the original laws was to never yolk 2 different types of animals together. This is a foreshadow of the things to come, for you shall be equally yolked with me.

Rest in me with full confidence my children, for without me you are nothing more than a withered branch. Know Me and My ways. Rejoice – its not over yet and no one has begun singing either!

Rejoice and be glad for the earth and its fullness belongs to the Lord God almighty. Yes, fervently pray, and accomplish as much as you can for the kingdom of God.   Be diligent and persistent, and also consistent. Be a doer of my word.

Do not follow many paths where I have not called you to. Make sure I have called you to a place before you go. Make sure what you are involved in is what I have specifically called you to.

Do not be idle; wasting the time the Lord has so graciously given you. But at the same time do not worry. These words are to encourage you this day; that all is well with you soul if you are found in me. Encourage each other. Lift each other up. Help one another. This battle is the Lord’s as you well know. But the Lord uses any vessel he well pleases and is expecting a great harvest from his investment. Meaning God will expect (spiritual) fruit out of what he has given you. We are not to hide in the ground our talents. Use well our talents for the Lord to bring multiplication and a blessing.

Let us not be found to be like the wicked servant who hid his talent in the earth (ground). But we shall be righteous and found in Him, our Saviour Christ Jesus. And we shall live victoriously in Him in every situation.

Rejoice my beloved – these things must happen – and cannot be prevented. But you shall be given your due inheritance and be gloriously lifted up – and be used and sent to all the nations of the earth.

I rejoice over you, over each one of you. Be ready children, not in fear but as my spokesmen and spokeswomen; the voice; the trumpet.


Special Guests:    

Bishop Phillips Banini from International Healing Cathedral

Mr & Mrs. Darrell (Norma)Owens

Hosting Dr. Susanna Kokkonen of Yad Vashem








Revival – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #34 – 8/24/2014 – Airing on 9/04/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

Beloved! I am yours and you are mine. See! See! See what I am about to do in your midst! My Glory. My Glory is about to reign on the earth! It is about to reign over every principality and power in high places and low places. You will see a notable difference in the earth my bride! You will see! You will see! You have asked to have your eyes opened you have asked that demonic scales be removed from your eyes. You have requested that every twig, stick, branch, and log be removed from blocking and hindering your sight.

And now, let this day be the day of hope fulfilled. Let this day be the day of answered prayer. Let this day be – what it was created to be. What it has been destined for. Let your feet this day be placed on my holy mountain as you stand naked and bare before me. I am about to clothe you in utter holiness – The clothing of righteousness – My glory cloud; clothing of the Holy Spirit. May my mighty wind blow through your beings and revive you for what you have been destined for. Let revival break forth! Let the earth be forever changed!

For God does not change – but man is incapable of change without the LORD.

For I am! I am the holy one. I am power from the most high – I am the strategic planner of this day. I am the master key that opens every lock known to mankind. I am worthy to be praised and you will experience my glory for it is my will.

Fret not; and do not dismay. For the Lord is with you in a mighty way. The Lord is- and is to come. The Lord is your banner and your shield. He is your buckler and praise banner. Be ready church, be ready children, my bride – and experience the glory that is about to be bestowed unto you. Keep pressing in – the Lord is with you and is for you.

Special Guests:

(Mr & Mrs.) Darrell & Norma Owens – Hosting Dr. Susanna Kokkonen of Yad Vashem







I Am Yours

I Am Yours – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #29 – 7/29/2014 – Airing on 7/31/2014 on KXXTAM

http://www.ItsYourDivineDestiny.com for a free download of this show.

The Word of the Lord today is:

Behold! I am yours and you are mine. I love my church, my people. I love those who have sacrificed for me, fully, totally, and completely. I love those who are seeking, diligently, consistently, ever searching. For those who do are finding, discovering, and are finding that doors are opening.

Seek me, the Father of Wisdom, who is the beginning of all things, the beginning and the end.

This is the day I have made, rejoice, rejoice and be glad in it! For you are not promised tomorrow. You have today, to accomplish your daily feats, and to enjoy its fruits. Good fruits are to be enjoyed. Good fruits are pleasing to the eye, and are refreshing for those who choose to taste. Good fruits are your refreshing as you walk on your journey toward the kingdom of heaven. Rest in me, for I am your refreshing.

Do not allow good fruits to rot. Use wisely what has been given you and you will see good come to pass. Use the good fruit when it ripens and all I have will be given to you. The fruits of the Spirit are; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Against such there is no law. I call on my children to be a holy people, a holy bride. A pure and spotless bride. You are the bride of Christ. I am yours and you are mine. I love you to no measure, endless, and forever. You are on my thoughts and I am ever joyful over you. I love your worship and praise unto me. I love your prayers and countenances towards me, your creator, your God.

Be mindful of wicked practices and do not be a partaker in them. For you shall be blameless unto me, your God Yahweh, and you shall be holy unto me.

For I desire a holy people, a holy nation, a holy bride. I suffered for you so you may have life and life abundantly. Come unto me and sup with me; spending what you have on me, your creator, your love. I am always here In your midst. Forever, always.


Far be it from me, that you should perish during this hour. Beloved, I am Yours! …and You are mine! Have I not spoken through the prophets of your time reguarding the blessing and the transfer of wealth? Have I not spoken through my people who trumpet this new sound? For nothing has been created in existence without speaking it out first. Everything you see has been spoken into existence. Fear not my beloved. Frown and fret not, for lo my promises are yes and amen! See? See what has taken place? Do not allow the enemy of your soul and mind to deceive you in this hour. Keep pressing in bride, keep doing what is righteous before me. Keep pursuing the kingdom of God and keep gaining momentum , gaining more ground.

Do not believe the lies of this church age. Come out of complacency and fear. Doing nothing isn’t your call. Complaining isn’t your call, Fretting and Worry isn’t your call. Begin by praising me for my awesome power, and presence.

I AM the Lord of glory, the Lord of Hosts! And I am Your reward! I am sufficient, and I am your doorpost, your door, your shield, I am your breastplate and your belt. I am your shoes and your helmet. I am your sword. Put on Jesus Christ. Dress yourself in me! I clothe you better than the lilies in the field. I clothe you in righteousness and holiness. I clothe you with truth. I provide the gospel of peace. I give you the mind of Christ.   I am your faith which has gone before you, teaching you day and night. I am the Word of God, giving you every answer to life’s problems.   I Am. – Which means the beginning and the end – the Aleph Tav. The Aleph is the Ox – who is yolked with you in righteousness to pull you to your Divine Destiny. I am the Tav which is the ‘T” – the cross of Christ.   You shall carry your cross to your divine destination. I require of you to carry your cross without complaint and without remorse or worldly sorrow.

Know ye not what I have planned for you? A plan of hope, not despair. A plan to prosper you, not to destroy you. A plan to lift you up, not to tear you down. A plan to bring to completion what I have begun in you. Shall a canvas say to its painter what color to use or what image to paint? Shall a wad of clay speak to its creator and state what it shall be and where it shall be used?

Utterly not! Allow me to use you where you were predestined for. What is written in the books in heaven. The heavenly archives. For these have been established since the beginning. Fulfill your purpose in Christ Jesus. Fulfill your divine destiny – not moving to the right or left. Fulfill your call, Fulfill the glory that is to take place. For Jesus was not fully resurrected until he submitted all. He submitted unto death, even death on a cross. He suffered and was beaten, and he was obedient unto death and he did not open his mouth.

What then? Shall you display knowledge and no action? Shall you fall into hypocrisy and not do your share in the body of Christ?

All are destined for a certain glory, which is coming. You all know it is coming. The glory is coming, but not without a price. The price must be paid. Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price.

But you must carry your cross and pay and suffer along with Christ to fulfill your God ordained destiny. But you shall not die, but instead Live, and declare the works of the Lord God Yeshua Hamashiah. You shall bring resurrection and life to every place you go. You shall be used in a mighty way. You are my beloved and I am yours. What more shall you desire? Nontheless, you SHALL be blessed. You SHALL be glorified. You SHALL prosper. You SHALL be known by your enemies that you are mine. I SHALL not only provide, but break open the floodgates of heaven to pour out the inheritance due you. I AM MIGHTY and you shall see my glory. A light so bright that it will cause death to some, and an awakening to others.

All hearts have been tested. I have weighed your hearts to see what was inside each one. I have inspected and introspected and planted good seed. Some of you have allowed me to remove many wicked seeds, and for this I commend you and will send an extra special blessing.

Know this, follow me and do not look back. Do not complain, Do not wither, or shrink back. But instead, follow me fully, wholeheartedly without doubt or fear. Do not allow double-mindedness to enter into your being. Stay focused and erase every demonic distraction from you. For you are created in my image, and I am Love.

I am love and know no bounds. I am your icing on the cake, I am the refreshing who is coming in a new way. The sound has been trumpeted. The mighty trumpet has been spoken. It has been shouted at the rooftops and throughout your airwaves.

Speak your day into existence for there is great power in the tongue. The tongue is a mighty fortress, it can block and hinder and can also release wonders and mighty feats.

Blessings to you my beloved. Stay true to me for I intercede for you daily.

Stay true to me, your beloved and see what I am about to do.

For I am the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever.


Comment: Truly a right on time word from Elohim – Debra 8/9/2014

Comment: It is a blessing to hear the word of the Lord. I thank him and praise him everyday for all he has done and going to do. God Bless your radio show and you for being so faithful.  – Juleen 8/10/2014