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Repent! – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #33 – 8/10/2011 – Airing on 8/28/2014  on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

And He said unto me; Write down what I tell you. Destruction is coming. Woe to the inhabitants of America for her wickedness, especially the wickedness in high places. See? See the glory of their ways? When men glory in their imaginations – in their own ideas, in themselves, sudden destruction will come. Glory not in yourselves my people. But turn from your wicked ways. “But how are we wicked? Surely he is talking about someone else!” No, I am pertaining to you, says the Lord of hosts. I have searched to and fro – throughout the face of this earth and have found FEW whose hearts are fixed on Me. Your hearts are far from me. Your hearts are filled with entertainment, vain glory, hatred, unforgiveness, judgments, pride, arrogance and the like. Surely destruction is coming and who will be able to stand? Those whose hearts are pure before me. Therefore my beloved church – pray. There is little time left. You must repent of all wickedness. Search yourselves and lay your hearts and minds on my alter of sacrifice, and allow me to consume by fire this sacrifice. What remains will remain and what is taken will be taken. This is crucial my church , to continue in my will (in accordance to my will).

What is in your heart? Is there a speck? Is there a seed of wickedness? Remove it quickly for wicked seeds are about to gain strength beyond numbers. Remember your heart nourishes your entire system through your blood stream. As it pumps blood through your organs, veins and inner parts – the blood which is the life – feeds everything inside you. A seed of this sort will eminate a vibration of its contents. What is to be released on this earth will search out hearts and find any wicked seed. Nothing will be hidden. You can not hide from this. The only way for protection is to watch, pray, and sacrifice your hearts and minds. Lay them on my alter of sacrifice. Allow me to consume them and what remains will remain and what is taken will be taken. You need not any righteousness of your own. But exchange your hearts & minds for mine, for I can give you a new heart full of seeds of righeousness.

Allow me to transfer wealth in your pockets – but beware. Your seeds of righteousness must prevail. Great temptation will come for some to squander the wealth given to them. But waste not this blessing on things of the world, but use it to further my kingdom, my children. My desire is that NONE will perish or be lost. But that all come to me. Time is moving quicker than ever before. Time is running out quickly. Allow me to search your hearts my children. Let me sift through and see if there would be any wicked seeds to be found. Seeds can be so small, my children. A wind can come by and blow a small seed somewhere undetected. And if it goes on undetected, it will grow. If there is any portion of your heart unsifted – and unprotected or neglected, there is great danger. My children come out of your complacency! I prefer that you are hot or cold, but the lukewarm I detest. What is your witness in Christ Jesus? Where is your victory, you who are lukewarm? Wake up! Wake up church and open your spiritual eyes. Do not think you will bypass what is coming if you have a speck in your heart. Repent church! Repent for your wickedness – repent for neglect of your temple – repent for idolatry, adultery that is in your heart. “Surely, he is speaking about someone else!” you say. But I say, “No, I am speaking about you.” Your hearts are precious to me. I am prepared to sift through. Are you willing? Then ask me to do this wonderful thing for you. Time has almost run out church, prepare, prepare, prepare your hearts & minds. See you in prayer.

Be faithful to seek my face and seek me first – just talk to me. I am faithful. I am no respector of persons. I have overcome the world, therefore come to me and prepare your hearts for altar work and cleansing, and you will be spared from what is coming. I love you my children – Watch and pray.

Special Guests: Apostle Michael Petro & Prophet Mornay Johnson