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Building Stability – Gaining Victory over your Circumstances

Thank you for visiting It’s Your Divine Destiny! We invite you to join Janet Mata on KXXT1010am every Thursday at 4:15PM and Sunday at 9:45AM  Arizona time online or on radio, or join the program on SoundCloud or OmnyStudio on demand anytime worldwide. 

It’s Your Divine Destiny is sponsored by BeautyforAshesBoutique.com

Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata:

Are you a victim of your circumstances?

Are you swayed by outside parties?

Do you allow your surroundings to dictate your behavior?

For I have called you to be stable my children.

Stable in me.  Stable in your calling.  Stable and unmoving in your goals.  Meaning; no matter how the circumstances are shifting – that YOU do not shift, but to remain stable.

That you develop an inner routine that would not be moved by outside forces.  – that would not be swayed by media, news, or inappropriate advice.

For you are to believe me, believe my word, and continue on your path, my children. 

For have I not promised?

 Are you praying out of fear or out of love?

For love conquers all.  Therefore, operate in my love, never moving, never changing, resounding, lasting.

Because love attracts all my goodness.  It is not fear-based.  It does not worry.  Love believes, hopes and trusts.  

Believes in what?

Hopes in what?

Trusts in what?

In my promises of course.  For when you feel you have nothing – when it has all be taken away, today you can have:




If you know the one true God, the God of the Universe, the One who created everything, Who Is Love, and if your heart has stored my word in it, and if your ears have heard my prophetic promises, then you have everything you need to believe, trust, and hope.

Those are the basis of your stability.  So when I say to be stable in everything, then in everything, your deepest basis of mindset, heart set and emotional foundation is to hope in me, trust in me, believe in me.  And in my promises. 

Have I not promised you?

What have I promised you?  Are you still believing?  Are you still hoping?  Are you still trusting?

Don’t give up.  If you give up your promises that were given,  you are in danger of losing them and they can and will be given to another.

You attract what you put out my child.

So believe, trust and hope.

Stability of mind

Stability of emotions

Stability of routine

– that do not get swayed by political forces, media, industries of the world, nuances, rumors or fears.

Do not Fear!

But trust.  Trust in what?  In my promises.  What have I promised you?  Believe in that. 

Do not be swayed;  be stable.  No matter what.  Be resilient.  Relentless.  No matter how much the flow of the world river is flowing; be true to me.

Be true.  Trust, forgive, proclaim and repent.

Trust me for your outcome my children.  Move along with my Holy Spirit. 

When your world gets shaken, and your are left with the crumbs, with the leftovers;




That is when you remember my promises.  What have I promised?  That is your focus.

I am stable and unchanging.  I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My promises remain. 

What will you hold onto?

What will you believe? 

Who will you listen to?

When everything that surrounds you blows against you, and shakes you to your inner core, what ultimately, will you believe in?

Will you give up?  

Will you change your mind?

 Will you begin to doubt and second guess?  

Will you continue to seek the one who has all the answers?  Will you be open to how the information you need will be delivered?   For I use many avenues to get what you need to you.  Did not the donkey speak to Balaam when he abused it?

Grace.  Forgivenes.  Repentance.  

Be stable in all you do today and tomorrow.

Be stable in your thoughts.  

Be stable in your choices.

Be stable.

Be unmoving.   Add grace, forgiveness, and repentance and you will win the favor of the Lord.

Scripture References:

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus, the Messiah, is the same yesterday and today—and forever!

Colossians 1:23A

But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the Good News.

Psalm 115:11 & 12

You who fear the LORD, trust in the LORD!

He is their help and shield.

The LORD is mindful of us;

He will bless us.

Triumphant Living

Inspirational writing by Janet Mata

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Don’t you know that your steps are ordered by the Lord?   That I am orchestrating them step by step – to cause you to triumph in every situation?  Does not my word promise trouble, but that I deliver you out of them all?

Life does not offer perfection – but through my own personal victory over death, Hades, and the grave, you may live and have the opportunity to choose a perfected life.  This does not mean a trouble-free life.  Rather, it means victory over troubles that come.

Because troubles come.  They come in waves.  Sometimes alone and sometimes in sets of three – or even four, but is rare.  If you lead a life of confessed sin and curse breaking and deliverance – you will have the opportunity to lead a successful and perfected life, a life of continuous seeking me, reading my word with due diligence, worship and prayer with fasting.

For did not I say my disciples will fast when the bridegroom is taken away?  Did not troubles hit all of my disciples?  Did they not face trial after trial – surrounded by error?  Likewise, you are my disciple.  Then the victory is like the treasure to be found.  The victory is like icing on a cake.  It completes the picture.  It’s like the frame of a door, or a roof on a house.

You see, nothing is complete without it.  That is who I am. I am who I am.  The completeness of a victorious life.  But some might say, well, they killed him on the cross, he didn’t save himself.  You see, life is more than controlling circumstances.  Life is about trusting God and seeking Him.

Did not I trust my father under diligent obedience – the perfection of all perfections?  Yes because I did not open my mouth to complain about any of the hardship.  And this I say to you:  Complain no further.  Draw a line in the sand and step over to the other side.  For my victory gives you opportunity for victory.

My so-called defeat ended in utter victory.  For they thought I was dead and gone – but now I am alive forevermore.  So what is dead and gone in your life?  It’s time to believe for the great and grand resurrection of all time.  It’s time for the major shift in the earth.  I am calling out salvations from the earth’s womb.  And I am planning a fantastic banquet party where all are invited.  Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to make it because they are either busy or had previous arrangements.

But I say to you – when opportunities come in life – no matter how much the distraction or plans – there are times to choose the better things.  For instance, Mary chose to sit at my feet while Martha chose to fret and worry over the preparation of the meal.  And expected me to send Mary to help her.  Yes, indeed Mary was wise and chose the best.

Living in this day and age has multiplied opportunities to worry and fret over many things in life.  There are many more opportunities to be busy, to plan ahead and have a full schedule of events.  But I say to you – leave a space in your calendar for me.  And even better, give it ample time and give it the best of your daily time.

Tithe your day.  If there are 24 hours in a day, then 10% would be 2 hours and 40 minutes.  2 hours and 40 minutes to sit at my feet.  What do you think you can accomplish in this amount of time sitting at my feet, learning from me?  And when you leave to complete your tasks – don’t forget to latch on my light and easy yolk so I may tread the grain together with you.  For you are not alone.  Have I not promised to never leave or forsake you?

I have not promised the world, but victory over this world.  I have promised you a place in heaven – because I have prepared a place for you.  It is entirely up to you if you want to come and abide in what has been provided for you.  And since my word says you are seated in the heavenlies, you can abide in me while being about your daily tasks, which I have not taken from you.  Consistent persistent work while abiding in me is living a life of perfection.  For these diligent ones, they will see great reward.

Do not give up or abandon hope – and for those with hope deferred call on me to heal your hearts.  For I am a loving God who gives in abundance to all who seek it – and for those who don’t.  I send my blessing and rain on all people.  I send my refreshing on all people.  But in the end – the choices you make in life will determine where you live for eternity.

My mercies are new every morning.  So why not start fresh every day?  Why pile on your disappointments from the day before onto today?  Because this is how the enemy succeeds over you.  To lay a foundation of defeat early in the morning so you will not be able to live in peace and joy for the rest of the day.  Because the rest of the Lord is important and powerful.

For did I not say to rest on the 7th day?  And is not the bride required to show up for rehearsal to be ready for the wedding?  The ark of the covenant and the tabernacle were shadows of what is in heaven.  But weren’t they required to build them?  Of course.  So who are you, mighty man saying that my Sabbath rest has no value?  Does not my word say any who encourage others to break even the least of my commandments will be least in the kingdom of heaven?  Where is your honor for the king of Glory?  Where is your honor for the Lord, your King?

Rest in me, little flock.  Rest in me.  Do not weary yourself over worldly woes.  But come to me, who will remove every spot and wrinkle.  Give me your time, energy, and resources, and I will give you the fountain of life eternal.  This is the great exchange.  Just do it.

Who are you O Mighty man?  For I am the Lord and the Lord of Hosts, stand by and watch the defeat of the enemy.  Watch me lead my bride to victory and safety.   I have done it before and I will do it again.  This is the day I have made. Rejoice!  Rejoice!  ..and be glad.  For the rest is here for you.  Come, all those who are willing and partake of my promise, my rest.  Come!   ..and delight in my rest.  For this is the time of refreshing as I have promised.  This opportunity is available now.  Partake, partake for the Lord is good- all the time.

Scripture Reference:

2 Corinthians 2:14

But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume.

Philippians 2:14-16

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain.