The Millennium

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The Millennium – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Its Your Divine Destiny Radio Show –  12/24/2014  – Airing on  1/19/2015 on KXXT 1010AM Thursdays @4:15PM

Truly Truly I say to you, You are the apple of mine eye.  No man comes to the Father except through me; Yeshua Hamashiach.  I am the trilogy.  I am the beginning and the end.  Surely I say to you;  You are mine and I love you deeper and farther than any love known to mankind.  My love is deeper than any ocean and farther than any galaxy.  For I send them all on their way; with their instructions and parameters.  I am the God of all.  Surely you say to me, “Where art thou?  Where art my God, the God of the Universe, the Holy One, who is wonderful beyond measure?  He who makes the earth to quake and the ground to tremble; He who causes the tides to rise and mountains to fall?“ Only I can accomplish these things.  Do you still doubt?  For an unbelieving heart is not pleasing to me.  But a faithful believing heart will reap much reward.  My faithful ones are about to receive the biggest reward known to man.  This reward will unravel before your eyes and you will see.  I bless you my faithful ones for meeting me here tonight.  I love your worship and the great honor given to me; your savior.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The God of Wonders. You have been waiting, but your waiting will not go on much longer.  For I have called you to triumph and to speedily run with force to receive your victors crown and kingly sceptor.  You shall rule and reign with me in the millennium.  For I am not a man that I should lie, but I have truly prepared a place for you and you shall reign with me forevermore.

This is the great awakening; when the glorious light will dwell on earth among men – when joy unspeakable will be your crown and your rule shall be your sceptor.

For who or what shall give men gifts such as these?  Who shall promise and deliver?  It is I , your king and savior who provides these things.  You shall be called great among men and I shall retain the glory for you are my creation and my glory.  I love you and shall shine forth like never known or imagined.     The light shall be so bright it will cause mere men to tremble and fall to their knees.  It shall be as I say and your joy will be full.  So be it – Amen!

Special Guests:    Pastor Heatheranne Oldfield