COVID, Censorship and TRACE – Time to Rise Up!

This is SERIOUS! – Please read and see video links below. Thank you for helping us stop this in its tracks!

Follow-up – Re: HB #6666 – “The Trace Act” – Tracking Reaching And Contacting Everyone

The following quote from someone who knows the impact of contacting leaders in government – “Regarding HR 6666 with the White House phone number.  It has not passed the House or the Senate yet.  If we can stop the train before it leaves the station, that would be great!  If everyone would just call their senators and representatives, they count one person as 5000 people.  They are supposed to fight for us.  We put them in office.”

Sign petition – https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-unconstitutional-illegal-trace-act-hr-6666?fbclid=IwAR21UOWZZQTcus2_N0675YNkKuFz-3_4ihkbO9u85CbzVK4rzVJvIxkbmpo

Contact Tracing in Arizona is happening in our city and State NOW – This requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION that is DATE SENSITIVE. This is an opportunity to make your voices heard and count NOW!!!

If everyone could email their senators and representatives, they count one person as 5000 people!!! They are supposed to fight for us. We put them in office.

Please follow through AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Time is of the essence. Your liberties are at stake!

To find your Legislators, enter an address here: https://azredistricting.org/districtlocator/  

Then click here for House and Senate rosters to send email: https://www.azleg.gov/memberroster/ Let them know we are holding them accountable to defend our rights and not lose our freedoms!

A letter follows that you can use. Instructions are below the letter.


DATE, 2020

The Honorable [_________________]
Arizona State Capitol
1700 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007

RE: COVID-19 Track and Trace (W.H.O., CDC, funds and program)

Dear Senator [_______________] (OR) Representative [_________________]:

This is [your name].  I am a community member citizen of your District.

It has come to my attention (and many others in the community) and is of grave concern to us, that there is a program and funds which have been rolled out by the W.H.O. and CDC to the State, to hire workers to go door to door to test individuals for COVID-19.  And to further extract citizens from their homes, whether it be parents or children, and to quarantine them, thereby separating families, molesting them from their dwelling places.  We are, therefore, appealing to you for help against the invasion of our privacy as Citizens in your District, the State of Arizona, and furthermore the USA.

We pray that you will do everything within your power to protect us in accordance with Amendment IV of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the US government, which first states:  “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects . .”  To intrude into someone’s home is in violation of our Constitutional rights to live peacefully as a Citizen of Arizona and the USA.

The W.H.O. is a global organization and is not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, but the UN.  However, the CDC, is a division of the United States, and is subject to our elected officials.

How this got rolled out and is going forward without a bill appropriation, and against the constitutional laws already in place, is unconscionable.  This scenario is akin to what happened in the Communist Republic of China, where they went and pulled people from their homes and families and locked them up in quarantine.  However, we are citizens of the United States of America, which is subject to the Constitutional rights of our body of law.

We therefore pray that you will continue to preserve our rights as US Citizens and Citizens of Arizona, which you represent, that our liberties will not be infringed upon.  And that you will continue to fight to preserve the dignity of the people which you represent.

We therefore thank you for your service and your continued fight to preserve the liberties of the constituents you serve.


[Your Name]
[Your Street Address]
[Your City, State, Zip]


Fill out the above letter ONLY to your personal Representatives and Senator for your District – at the STATE level. Put the name of each Senator and each Representative singularly in different letters for each one, not just ‘Dear Representative,’ but using their last name, for example: “Dear Representative Barto.” Use the person’s full name following the word “Honorable.” For example, “The Honorable Nancy Barto.” Copy and paste the following letter and fill in your specifics wherever you see [brackets]. Below are links to both look up and then email your specific Representatives and Senator.

P.S. We will follow up later with a letter going to the US Congress.

Dr Rashid Buttar says: “We are about to come into the most incredible world that we can even imagine. It will be like heaven on earth because we are about to undo the injustices, not for tens of years nor hundreds of years nor thousands of years; This entire cascade of division and conquering people is about to be over but we can’t lay back and think it’s going to happen on its own.”

In this first in a series of interviews covering censorship and medical tyranny, Ty and Charlene Bollinger interview Dr. Rashid Buttar on the COVID-19 issue .


Pastor Tom Schermitzler describes the urgency for Phoenix and Arizona:

“ALERT: Federal monies are flowing to the states for this purpose. Contact your state and federal representatives.”

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK – if we want to keep our families at home with us and not have our friends and contacts tracked down and threatened. This is for everyone’s privacy and protection! Recognize, Coronavirus, Vaccines and 5G are ALL toxic and destructive to human and animal life. (See video Dr. Buttar video and others online.) We have a chance to stand up for our rights and our families.

Update – May 14, 2020 –

Representative Nancy Barto led a meeting with the House of Representatives May 14, 2020 – They are committed to staying “open to have meetings” to discuss solutions to this issue!

From Pastor Tom Schermitzler’s Facebook post: “A little background… The House of Representatives (and Representative Nancy Barto) have kept things open, with added days of discussion, so the implications of government funding – and science/medicine around COVID and what procedures and decisions need to be made – could be properly discussed and things “brought to the light.” A LOT of our communication problems are centered around NOT having open dialogue – and Representative Barto was presiding over the meeting today – and it was a breath of fresh air to actually hear people openly and honestly discussing the details without name calling. I was honored that Nancy contacted me and said, “Please have people pray for me and this meeting.” Full Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GodsLivingroom/?multi_permalinks=1119178598439265&notif_id=1589496068244504&notif_t=group_activity

Representative Barto helped to make the situation clear on BOTH sides (the science/doctors and the public). If only other states could be so open in discussion, it would help to lessen the problems that have occurred. I am so glad that our House of Representatives is taking the extra time to look at all the testing – reports – and dialoguing about implications of decisions and parameters of enforcement OPENLY (without one side arguing or name-calling over the other party) – so healthy. What a wonderful meeting! .

It was the way civic and church should take hands together – and it would be helpful to see discussions like this on TV News – and in the states – without the negative name calling but just honestly looking at and discussing the PROBLEM and not pointing fingers. WOW! It made me proud to be an Arizonan!!!!!  (You can to go https://www.azleg.gov/ and look up May 14, 2020, meeting or watch it here: http://azleg.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?clip_id=24390&autostart=0. Soooo smooooth… and the way we should live as a free society in discussing the issues.) ! EYE-OPENING, refreshing AND productive). There will be more House meetings to come. Representative Nancy Barto appreciates your prayers!”

NEW – Resources to Contact Leaders:

EMAIL SENATOR MARTHA McSALLY: https://www.mcsally.senate.gov/contact, WASHINGTON PHONE: (202) 224-2435, PHOENIX PHONE: (602) 952-2410

EMAIL SENATOR KYRSTEN SINEMA: https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten, WASHINGTON PHONE: (202) 224-4521, PHOENIX PHONE: (602) 598-7327

FIND U.S. SENATORS: https://www.senate.gov/senators/index.htm

FIND U.S. HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES: https://www.house.gov/


Correct Your Status; The American State Assembly: https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/correct-your-status