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Come One, Come All

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Come One, Come All – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Posted and Airing on KXXT1010AM on 10/6/2022

The Word of the Lord today is:

“Come One, Come All!”, says the Lord of Hosts.  Come unto me all those of tire and that are weary.  Are you weary?  Then come!  Come to me now and give me your heavy burden.  Let’s trade!  – Your heavy burden, for an easy and light one!  Let me do all the hard work and heavy lifting. 

Let me be your God, your source!  For I am the living water.  For when you come unto me and drink, you shall never thirst again.

Come unto me!  Come one, come all! 

Bring your heavy burden, your heavy yolk, your worries, stresses and fear.  Everything that is weighing you down.  Come one, Come All!  You who have no money, come freely and freely partake. Give me your burdens, your bills, your loneliness.  Give it all to me!- and accept a light and easy yolk.   Let me free you up my child, my son and my daughter.  For the Lord of Hosts is here for you.  I am here to serve you!

What would you like from the Lord today?  Are your arms full?  Is there any room to receive?

For first you must unload.  Unload all the negativity, the problems, the pressures, your thoughts.  Give them to me!  I am ready, willing and able.  Let me take all you have, and turn your life around for the better.

Come to me and ask me, what you should do, and not do.  Confess your shortcomings and share your victories too!

Come One, Come All!  And freely partake.  Partake of my goodness, my grace, and my power. 

Come unto me my child, my daughter and my son.  Lay your burden on my altar. Lay your gifts and blessings too!  For I have peace that goes beyond understanding for you.  Peace like a river – a river of joy and lightheartedness.

For all these heavy burdens vex your soul.  They damage your internal organs, because they consume your thoughts.

Instead, think about me, and my love, my grace and my promises. 

I have a lot to offer you.  I have gifts for you that you can use.  But you need to come to me and share your heavy burdens with me.  You need to give up some of that control, so I can lead you.

For who can follow, if they insist on leading? 

Do you need a friend to talk to?  Then look no further!  For I am your best friend.  Do you need a spouse?  Look to me, for I will be of assistance in every way.  I am that I am.  I am the alpha and the omega, the aleph and the tav.  I am your all in all.

Has  Satan kept you busy all on your own?  For if you belong to the Kingdom of God, then you are part of the family of the Kingdom of God.

You are not a one-man show! 

You are not the burden-bearer.

Nor are you to be lazy.

A lazy man does not take out the trash to dispose of it.

So it is, with a lazy person who does not lay down their burdens unto the Lord, especially because I offer this free service & exchange for joy, laughter, and an easy day!  Be at ease!

How do I be at ease?

You must first unload the spiritual trash, which is the heavy load, the heavy burden, the fear, the stresses, the worries and your sadness.  Give me your depression, and give me your addictions.

These are spiritual trash.  Do not be the lazy man, who does not take out his spiritual trash.

And be consistent, why build up your trash until it gets too heavy?  For you are not made to carry trash around everywhere you go!

And when you do, you spew out of your mouth, the worry, the fear, the sadness, & the like.  You talk about it, for its all stored up in your heart.

Do not be a lazy person, who does not take out his own spiritual trash.  And take it out daily.

And you will have peace my daughter, and my son.

You will have peace! 

For I am the prince of peace! 

But how do you obtain this peace?  By taking out your spiritual trash daily, and in exchange receiving my incredible, wonderful and powerful peace.

And don’t be a no-show.   Don’t ghost me!

Come one, Come all!  Come unto me and give me your heavy burdens.  Lay them down on the altar, and I will give you peace!

For every day is like a loaf of bread, fresh for eating, stale the next day.

So come every day to obtain your fresh spiritual bread, fresh daily.  Stale the next. Do not be lazy, and eat stale bread.

But show up, get your fresh bread daily, free of charge, Get your living water, free of charge.  For this is your true food and your true drink!

Do not be lazy, passive or aloof!  Be diligent!  For I promise to give you your fresh bread & living water every day that you will come to receive!

And how do you receive the fresh bread and living water?

I am the bread of life!  I am the living water!

What must you do to receive?

First you must unload what you are holding onto. For if your hands are full, how can you pick up your fresh manna and living water?

So again I say,

“Come one, Come all!  Lay your weary life down and give me your problems.  – Let go what you are holding onto, if you drop it on the floor and pick up my peace, my fresh bread and my living water, and hold onto these things, then you will not be able to pick back up the spiritual trash, right?

Give them to me, once and for all, and give me the new burdens daily, and you will have peace!  And I will give you rest.

Scripture References:

Matthew 11:28-30

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

John 6:47-51

Truly, truly, I tell you, he who believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life. Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that anyone may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And this bread, which I will give for the life of the world, is My flesh.”

The Time is Now

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The Time is Now – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Posted and Aired on KXXT1010AM on 4/8/2021 – First aired on 8/14/2014 on KXEG 1280AM for a free audio download of this show.

The Word of the Lord today is:

Be it far from me that you should perish during this hour. Have I not spoken from the prophets of your seasons about the transfer of wealth? Have I not confirmed my word through many of my servants?

But there is a purpose in this my son, my daughter. The purpose was to bring you near to me in this last hour, so you may be included in this wealth transfer.

Yes, my word does state that I bless and send rain on the wicked and the righteous. However the time is coming and is practically here where the wealth of the wicked will be dismantled and given to the righteous – those who love me and are kingdom givers. My truth and gospel must be proclaimed to the ends of the earth – The living word must be spoken to every creature.

Once again my people shall be called blessed. Once again my people shall be above. Once again my people will be the majority.

I am calling a harvest children that no man can fathom. I am calling in the harvest of souls for my kingdom. I have prepared everything. My sons and daughters are now prepared . Get ready children to receive an entire expansion of your family -The sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers in Christ.

They are coming. You will bring them in.   You will share the gospel of Christ to those who are dying and are at death’s door. You will accomplish mighty feats for the kingdom of God. You will go out to the highways and bi-ways, to the places of solitude and isolation. You are being sent out to the north, to the south, east and the west to accomplish your divine destiny in Christ Jesus.

You are the apple of mine eye. You are a mighty fortress. You are a witness and a javelin. You will proclaim my mighty words of truth and will see mighty miracles following you. But you will not have time to even bask in wonder in them because the harvest is great and the multitude who are coming in is so vast. There will be so many wonders you will not remember them all.

Just as it was in the days of Jesus walking on earth displaying mighty signs, wonders and miracles, so it shall be with you. Greater will it be with you. If Jesus were to be multiplied into every believer who has been prepared for this hour; that is how much more you will see these things take place.

Mass deliverances, healings, and miracles will take place. But my servants will remain focused, and articulate. They will not allow these things to sway them from the left or the right because their hope is in the eternal one, the all sufficient one. Their hope will be in the God who created all things. And they shall be my spokesmen and spokeswomen. They shall proclaim truth in every nook and cranny on earth. They will proclaim the Word of the Lord in a mighty way and with great power and success.

So now, why do you fret and frown as though nothing has been promised? Remove every weight and attitude of unbelief, and come out of agreement with the enemy of your soul.

Remember to remove every wicked seed, by coming to me daily, sacrificing your time and energy for me, the lover of your soul – for I paid a great price for this privilege.

Count the cost my friend. Again I say count the cost. What you give up for me; do not go back and pick up. Do not return to your own vomit, but instead be partakers of the kingdom of heaven.

Trust me, your source. I am your everything. Everything you need is found in me, the author and giver of life. Let this be an encouragement today, that today is the day of salvation. Today is the day of your deliverance. Today is the day of your healing. Today is the day of vengeance against the enemy to restore to you everything that has been stolen from your bloodline from the beginning.

Can you fathom what is coming? How shall you prepare? The only way to bear the weight of what is coming is to be found in me and I in you. You must remain in me, and I will remain in you. Come seeking me daily, morning, afternoon, and evening. Seek me at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinnertime too.

Seek me early in the morning, and late in the evening. Seek me while driving in your car, seek me while at your workplace. Tune your ear towards me and turn your hearts towards heaven.

Remember how intense my glory is, children. Look into scriptures about the glory and how it was hidden and too intense for any to go near. Remember how my glory was a fearful thing for most, and they would not come.

Now is the time. Now is the time children, there is still time to turn from your sins, to allow me to awaken in you your divine destiny. Your divine calling has a special key that unlocks it. You are the lock and I am the key. I am the key to life, and all abundance and blessings.

I am always at your side. I am with you everywhere you go. Turn from any sins and abandon all iniquities. Turn from wickedness, idolatry, and from everything I hate. Turn while there is still time. You must know what my glory can do – this is a warning children. You must be in the right place to stand firm to the end. Remove from yourselves all scoffing and disbelief, including all pride. For these shall not inherit my kingdom.

Let go of religion, and embrace me, your relief!

Let me be your guide, let me be your prince. Let me be your king, Let me be your everything -For I am great, my name is great, and I hold your entire world in my hands.

Do not trust in riches, fame, or your own strength. Come to me in this last hour, and humble yourself in front of your congregations.

Pastors and Leaders, teach my flock the truth. Let go of all man-made religion and let go; submitting only to me.

Let go of all traditions of man, and refrain from man-made rules and regulations.

Inquire of the Lord God Yahweh how to manage the flock given to you. Inquire of me, your creator and God, for there is no strength that will last through these last days except for mine.

You will be mighty in the land if only you obey me and listen to me. Your flocks will flourish and be blessed and you will be blessed.

Take heed, repent, listen, and make changes now. Now is the time. Now is the time. The time is now.

My love endures forever. Make the choice to be included in the blessings that are coming – for many will fall without me. You cannot stand on your own strength as you have been doing – you who have been doing this.

Give your feeble strength to me, and allow me to make a mighty fortress out of it that will give me great glory and honor.

I love you children, son, and daughter. I love you.

How to Win the Battle

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Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata:

Have you heard the bad news?  Have you received a negative report?  Does Fear grip you moment by moment, allowing precious opportunities to pass by without fail?  For I am calling you.  I am calling you.  You are my precious one, my bride, my song.                                                             

Especially now, but at all times, search for me, seek me like hidden treasure.  For a bad report does not have power over you, nor does it have the power to stop you from what you are called to do.

Therefore seek me in this day and hour.  Seek me in every day and at every hour.  Consecrate your tasks to me and dedicate your day and your workload to Christ, who took it all on, the entire world was on his shoulders, and remained victorious over it all in the end.  He is the one who has the strength to carry your load.

He is the one to give the negative report and all the bad news. For today isn’t any different than the days of old, as far as hypocrisy, governmental rules and regulations being dictated by evil entities.

But you are called to be an overcomer.  An overcomer finds their way through and out of all dilemma.

Do not fret my child, do not fret.  Do not cry for those who are passing, nor for the choices they are making.  Do not weep for them.  Do not.

But why?

Because you are not helpless my child, to make changes in the earth.  Lo, I have given you power from the Holy Spirit and I have given you power over the enemy and his tricks, ploys, and tactics and nothing shall harm you!

Decree and declare, let your voice be heard on high, let your words be established upon the earth, and the heavens, to set a foundation that is firm, placing guards and setting angels from on high to employ them to go where they are commanded to go.

My children are not helpless, nor are lacking hope, nor power, Nay.

On the contrary, I have given my children the keys according to Matthew 18:18, and promises innumerable.

Keep these close to you, so when you pray, that your words are established upon the earth, not a lowly sigh or a miserable cry –

But a war cry, and a command, and a stance, and a victory and a legislation.  For my children have been equipped for battle and for victory in that battle.

For the plans of the enemy are loud an brazen – but remember in my word that you are to snatch who you can out of the fire.  Bring those to Christ – preach the word.  For my word, when it went/goes forth, created the luminaries, the skies, the earth, and man, plants and animals.  My word went forth and set each in motion.  And I Have given man the ability to choose.

He may choose life or death.  He may choose righteousness or choose to believe the lie that is upon the earth.

Haven’t I said?  To seek me while I yet may be found?  To seek the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  To make Him you number one choice; to put Him First in your life that he would become your everything and in all things, to cling to God with every ounce of hope, every strength in your bone, with your entire brain and your whole body.  With everything you have my daughter, and my son. 

Don’t hold back anything when it comes to God.

Don’t be half-hearted, casual, apprehensive, or distracted.  For this is not the way to approach the King, even if you are a daughter or a son.

If you are an heir to the throne, you must study and do your part, and manage your leadership skills, and gain wisdom and understanding and be involved in what the king is doing upon the earth!

What have I called you to do?  Have I not given you an assignment?  If I have, then complete the assignment and come to me when it is completed.

For I am a task-oriented God.  You must pick yourself up from the pit in which the enemy has tossed you in, brush yourself off, shake the dust off your feet, clean yourself up, as a righteous man falls but gets back up – and continues victoriously on his way.

This is what I call, ‘Victorious Thinking’.

This is why I have said to live from victory to victory, from glory to glory.  Not from shame to shame or even failure to failure. 

Take the hits and brush it off and do what I have commanded.

Do not be your own naysayer.   Do not help the enemy to destroy and tear down.  Do not be double-minded. 

Focus on the prize and when you find yourself moved to the left or moved to the right, set yourself on the narrow path and keep on keeping on.

Do not allow satan to trick you with his ploys and tactics, as he tried so many times in times past – because he is an expert at this as you well know.

Fight past the unseen; the blanket barriers in the spirit.  Move past the drudgery, the blockages, and cages meant to keep you permanently hindered.

You have not been discarded my child, rather you have been given the strength to do as my word has commanded.

Do not forsake your first love whence all your strength comes from.

The more time you spend with me, the more strength and reserve you will have – the more oil you will have in your lamp.

Just as a car cannot run without oil – you also need to spend time with the king in the presence of the Holy Spirit – the Holy Ghost – to obtain the goals that you are seeking.

If you want to thrive in the Kingdom of God – you must spend time with me.

The more you do, the more you will carry the anointing of God that opens doors that no man can open, and to shut doors that the enemy will try to open – to carry the favor of God, and to live victoriously.

You cannot do this without me, daughter and son.  Set time or even times aside, as Daniel did, he did so three times a day.  But you may choose more or less; the more you do, and are willing to sacrifice, the more you will glean.

It’s your choice –  But I have said, “seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.”

This is a promise to you.

Do not come to me on the day of trouble only – but every day.

Do not get your car fixed only on the day it breaks down from NEGLECT.

But take care of your car, giving it oil and gasoline.

If you do what I say, you will have confidence in the day of trouble, instead of fear.  You will have peace instead of turmoil. You will be stable instead of unstable.

So plan ahead my children to glean from the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  And be consistent and love me like no other.  Love me, love me my children, honor me, and praise me.

Make it a habit and a stronghold and a fortress.  For the enemy only wants you to focus on what he is doing.   But give me praise to raise your standard – to move higher in the realms of victory.  For this is how the battle is won.

Scripture References:

Luke 9:60

Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

Psalm 34:19

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.

Psalm 144:1 & 2

Blessed be the LORD, my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.   He is my steadfast love and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer. He is my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.

Boast in the Lord

Boast in the Lord – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata – This word was received in September of 2020, and released for publishing on February 7, 2021

Boast in the Lord.  Boast in the Lord, I say.  If there is any time appropriate to boast in the Lord, it is now.  Now is the time to boast in the Lord.  For I am about to do a mighty thing in the Earth.  Boast in me, for I am good.  I have your best interest in mind.  I am the big cheese, the head honcho, the leader of the pack, the responsible one.  I am the shooting star, the bold one.  The able.  The studious and the abrupt.  For I shall abrupt the plans of the enemy.  I shall shoot arrows through every diabolical plan.  I shall destroy all harm coming for my people Israel; Just as in times past. 

I shall do it.  I am the mighty one.  and I shall do it.  Boast in me, for I am good.  I am your helper; your acquittal, and your very reason to live.  For did I not say, “Thou shalt not murder”?  So you shall not kill yourself.  I am your reason to go on.  I am the stable one. 

Will I not fulfill my promise to you?  Has your patience run out?  Are you giving up?  Have you forgotten my lofty promises?  I shall overthrow every demonic barrier, and cause you to leap over walls and barricades.  I shall do a mighty thing upon the earth in the enemies’ mist.  So do not be afraid.  Only trust. 

Trust in the Lord.  Trust in me, for I am good.  Trust in me; meaning focus that I have your best interest in mind.  Believe that I am, and will fulfill my promises to you. Believe to the very end.  For I am a good God.  I know what I am doing. 

Therefore, repent!  for you do not know what you are doing. 

Do not boast in yourselves my children, do not boast.  Do not be pompous.  Do not brag about anything but the Lord.  What do you mean by bragging?  By bragging, I mean speaking highly of yourself with confidence in your own plans and abilities.  For it is I who gives you the abilities you have, and gives grace for plans to go well or to fail. 

I see your lamp is still burning, but it is dim and small.  You are in danger of losing your lampstand all-together.  Repent!  All you lovers of yourselves and in all your abilities and strength, and give me the glory for what I am about to do. 

Boast in me; and not in yourselves.  Boast in the Lord your God for he is good.  He has the perfect plan, and he wants you to be a part.  Say good-bye to all your past friends who are no longer part of your new future.  For I have a call on your life, I have a future and a hope for you, not to destroy you, but to lift you up, and do the miraculous, the lofty, the unimaginable, the powerful and the strong wonders where you least expect. 

Brag about the one true God, the leader of the pack, the triune God, the heavenly host, the master of the universe, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the God of Jacob, Abraham and Isaac.

Brag about the Lord your God, and prophesy the truth, do good, and give me the honor.

Worship me, for I am the God and the only God to be worshiped.

Remove all false gods from your home, your demonic shrines and alters, your statues, figures and masks.  Remove them from your homes my children for they are a curse to you.  I am the one and only God, I do not share myself with mere demonic idols.  Remove them and throw them out – and destroy them. 

Find things in your homes, books, papers, pictures.  And destroy them too if they are evil.  For I do not share you with false gods and false teachings – throw them out.  I am the one and only true God, the God of the Universe. 

When did I say to buy idols and place them on your property for prosperity?  For this is witchcraft.

Trust in me, who has the power to give you wealth and prosperity.  And do not spend the money I give you on worthless, foreign idols that your ancestors did not worship.  Be wise and read my word.

Pray, seek, and knock, ask me and I will answer you.  Wait in silence, open your ears, focus on the Lord your God, for I speak to my children. 

Come to me, and ask, and I will most certainly answer. I am the Lord, and I am good.  Get rid of everything that does not glorify me, and toss it out.  Wait and trust that I am about to do a mighty thing.

Repent!  Repent Now for the coming of the Lord.  Repent.  Seek me and live.

Boast in the Lord, All those who call me by name, Boast in the Lord.

Boast in me, the heavenly host, the Holy One of Israel. For I am great. Boast in me, for I am the lofty one. Boast in my miracles, my signs, my wonders. Boast in all I do and all I have done. For I deserve the glory.

My people, do not glorify yourselves, for pride cometh before the fall. Of course, did not Satan ‘fall’ from heaven because of it? he was ‘only prideful’. What’s the harm in that? – Because you do not know your left hand from right. You cannot give yourself a breath or cause your heartbeat. I created you, I gave you life, your abilities, your mind. Give me the glory, give me thanks my people.

Humble yourselves, and give me the glory. For there isn’t one iota you can do without me, and anything done without me is set aside for burning and destruction, so nothing will be wasted.

Fear the Lord, for He is mighty. Fear the Lord. For He has the power to take your very life force away and has the power to send you to hell, to the depths, where fire and brimstone are. This is the eternal fire, where weeping and gnashing to teeth exist. If you call yourselves mine, but do not do what I say, you are in danger of losing your lampstand.

Repent! Repent! For the light is almost snuffed out. Soon it will be too late to repent my children.

Take my advice, spend some time with me daily, spend some time repenting daily; Asking forgiveness and waiting on the Holy Spirit to show you where you have erred.

Better to cry and weep today than to cry and weep for eternity. Better to suffer now, for a little while, than to be exposed and chastised for a season. Humble yourselves, my people for I have called you. If you truly belong to me, you will listen to my words. If not, then I will transfer your lampstand to someone worthier than thou.

Praise me! Praise me for my grace and mercy; for the warning and the opportunity to repent and change your mind. Praise me for my goodness, for I am truly good, all the time.

Wait upon the Lord, Wait upon the Lord. For I surely shall fill your cup when you wait upon the Lord. Develop your patience, your love, your intimacy with me when you wait in my presence. Will you wait? Will you stay in my presence? For Leviathan is as pride; and does not wait for anything. Leviathan separates, and expects things yesterday.

Therefore my children, wait upon me until you have received your answer; your scripture; your peace. For your due diligence will be rewarded.

You are Not a Victim – (Taking Responsibility)

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Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata:

You are not a victim.  Everything you are and everything that is going on around you is a result of your choices in life.

Your eternal destiny will also be a result of choices you make in life.

What will you choose?  What will you do?  Who will you blame for life’s circumstances?

WHEN will YOU take responsibility for ALL of your actions and choices in life?

But I didn’t know… Thanks’ OK.  But you still made choices that led you to these places.  Whether they were thoughts, actions, or words; even if they were chosen; made in your generational line.

Many things happen in life due to judgments, offences, grumbling and complaining, food consumption choices, what you spend your money on, what movies you watch, what books you read, what friends you have.  How much time you spend in prayer, and worship.  These are all choices done on your behalf my child.

When will you accept responsibility?  When will you take action?  WHEN?

For responsibility is the key to action taking.

Whether you like your circumstances or not, whether you are happy with your surroundings or not – Take responsibility.

I mean OWN it.  Own what’s there.  Own your results as though it was your first day on earth, and you found yourself where you are.

Own your choices my friend, and become wise.  Wise in nature.  Wise in future results.  Decide what outcome you would rather have, and make new choices in order to get those results.  (to get you there)

Life is a series of learning – doing and acting.  mimicking what you have been taught, what you choose to do, and what was experienced. 

Come to me, and ask me, “What would Jesus do?  What do I want to do?  What are my options?  What result do I want?” 

For I have given you the power to choose, and the power to create your own world.

Are you playing the victim card on everything that happens to you?  – As though your mind can not make choices after the fact on what you want to do with this experience?

Do you want to help people?

Then help them to take responsibility for their actions.  Help them to see they cannot play the victim card.  You are in your circumstances for a reason.

Pray.  Seek.  Knock.  – and the door to your destiny will be opened. 

Do you want to be healthy?  Have you asked me to help you eat healthy foods and asked me to show you the best way for you?  If you are in Babylon, do you look to the wicked world for your advice?

Everything  you do, is your choice.  You do not  have to do anything.

Life is a choice.  Now make good choices from now on.

 What you think and dwell upon is a choice.  What you drink is a choice.  Who you talk to is a choice.  How courteous and forgiving  you are, is a choice. 

You choose.  You choose.

Life is a series of choices.  Will you ask me my opinion?  Will you guess, or do nothing and blame everything around you? 

Take responsibility.

I said in my word – subdue the earth and everything in it.

Submit yourself to God , Resist the devil and he will flee from you. 

Be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving  let your request be known to  God.

Call upon me and I will answer you.

You are not a victim.

You are not a victim.

You are not a victim.

You are not a victim of your circumstances.  It’s no one’s fault.

They are merely the result of choices made.  These choices move in a certain direction – which you can alter – or counter direct by your choices.

You may choose.  Ask me to help you.  Choose well.

“What if I don’t know what to choose?”   -Ask me and I shall reveal the answer.

Take responsibility.

“I can’t” needs to be removed from your inner thoughts.  Stop self-restricting yourself daughter, because my word says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  Do not focus on your fears. 

Faith is the substance of things not seen; let Hope be your stronghold. 

How far must you reach to obtain a lofty goal I have given you? 

How long will it take? 

How much strength will you need?

What  will it require? 

Ask me my daughter, and I shall give you all of the above

If you ask your earthly father for a fish will he give you a snake?  How much more your heavenly father will give you what you ask.  Ask; and you shall receive.   Keep on asking, and believe. 

It’s time to take responsibility.  And see the results, and take responsibility again, and see those results, and again,  take responsibility.

 It is a  series of actions to get the results.  If the results you see are not desirable, then make alternate choices until what you see is the desired outcome.  This is a practical teaching, my child. Make use of it. 

How to prioritize?  Focus on one thing at a time.  Meaning, whatever you are doing, focus, so your mind is not distracted.

Take responsibility for where you currently are.  Make new choices, to get you to a new destination. 

Ask me what to do, ask me for guidance. Ask me for wisdom.  See change for the good.  For the better, for the kingdom and for the Glory of God.

Building Stability – Gaining Victory over your Circumstances

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Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata:

Are you a victim of your circumstances?

Are you swayed by outside parties?

Do you allow your surroundings to dictate your behavior?

For I have called you to be stable my children.

Stable in me.  Stable in your calling.  Stable and unmoving in your goals.  Meaning; no matter how the circumstances are shifting – that YOU do not shift, but to remain stable.

That you develop an inner routine that would not be moved by outside forces.  – that would not be swayed by media, news, or inappropriate advice.

For you are to believe me, believe my word, and continue on your path, my children. 

For have I not promised?

 Are you praying out of fear or out of love?

For love conquers all.  Therefore, operate in my love, never moving, never changing, resounding, lasting.

Because love attracts all my goodness.  It is not fear-based.  It does not worry.  Love believes, hopes and trusts.  

Believes in what?

Hopes in what?

Trusts in what?

In my promises of course.  For when you feel you have nothing – when it has all be taken away, today you can have:




If you know the one true God, the God of the Universe, the One who created everything, Who Is Love, and if your heart has stored my word in it, and if your ears have heard my prophetic promises, then you have everything you need to believe, trust, and hope.

Those are the basis of your stability.  So when I say to be stable in everything, then in everything, your deepest basis of mindset, heart set and emotional foundation is to hope in me, trust in me, believe in me.  And in my promises. 

Have I not promised you?

What have I promised you?  Are you still believing?  Are you still hoping?  Are you still trusting?

Don’t give up.  If you give up your promises that were given,  you are in danger of losing them and they can and will be given to another.

You attract what you put out my child.

So believe, trust and hope.

Stability of mind

Stability of emotions

Stability of routine

– that do not get swayed by political forces, media, industries of the world, nuances, rumors or fears.

Do not Fear!

But trust.  Trust in what?  In my promises.  What have I promised you?  Believe in that. 

Do not be swayed;  be stable.  No matter what.  Be resilient.  Relentless.  No matter how much the flow of the world river is flowing; be true to me.

Be true.  Trust, forgive, proclaim and repent.

Trust me for your outcome my children.  Move along with my Holy Spirit. 

When your world gets shaken, and your are left with the crumbs, with the leftovers;




That is when you remember my promises.  What have I promised?  That is your focus.

I am stable and unchanging.  I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My promises remain. 

What will you hold onto?

What will you believe? 

Who will you listen to?

When everything that surrounds you blows against you, and shakes you to your inner core, what ultimately, will you believe in?

Will you give up?  

Will you change your mind?

 Will you begin to doubt and second guess?  

Will you continue to seek the one who has all the answers?  Will you be open to how the information you need will be delivered?   For I use many avenues to get what you need to you.  Did not the donkey speak to Balaam when he abused it?

Grace.  Forgivenes.  Repentance.  

Be stable in all you do today and tomorrow.

Be stable in your thoughts.  

Be stable in your choices.

Be stable.

Be unmoving.   Add grace, forgiveness, and repentance and you will win the favor of the Lord.

Scripture References:

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus, the Messiah, is the same yesterday and today—and forever!

Colossians 1:23A

But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the Good News.

Psalm 115:11 & 12

You who fear the LORD, trust in the LORD!

He is their help and shield.

The LORD is mindful of us;

He will bless us.

Recover All!

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Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata:

Who will cry out for all the injustices throughout the generations?  Who will restore everything that has been stolen from your generational line?  Who will band together and petition against all the crimes against humanity?  Who will fight for you, and will cry out for all the crimes against creation? 

For Satan is the destroyer of life.  He is the advocate of Death and Suffering – agony and defeat.

But I , Elohim, am the lifter of your head.  I am the creator, and I make all things new.  I am the God of healing and restoration.  I am the God of recompense.  I am the God of the reversal of every evil deed.

Recover All! Recover All!  Someone is praying! 

Recover All! Recover All!  Someone is praying!

I am being flooded with prayers, children!  I am being beckoned to revisit every evil deed, every injustice, every crime against humanity; to reverse the effects of all harm done throughout the generations.

For who can do such a feat; such a lofty call?  But I am being overloaded with requests and cries. And the war cries of my people are surrounding my ears and filling my nostrils; for shall I ignore such an opportunity?  Shall I turn a deaf ear to these requests and demands?  Shall I wink mine eye?  Shall I leave the earth wasted before me in such a state?

I say nay!  I say nay!

Heaven is being bombarded with prayers, requests, cries, war cries, reminders, and petitions.  I say our courts in heaven are booked all day and all night.  But the King, the Ruler of all; is about to veto and override all lengthy wait times for answers to requests being made from the earth. 

And I say – I shall Recover All.  I shall Recover All!  Halleluyah!  I have your best interest in mind my daughter, and my son.  And I have set out the decree to recover all in every area!

 I am calling out a worldwide reversal of injustice and crimes against my creation.  Beginning with the sins of Adam and Eve, the creations of the Nephilim, and every other dark and sinister action meant for your destruction.  I am sending the legions of angels to do the work – and I have sent out a decree for a reversal of every injustice and crimes against my creation.

Come into alignment!  Come into alignment!

I am about the press the “override” button! 

Get Ready!  Get Ready!  For it will happen not only for you, but for your family; your relatives, your neighbors, your neighborhood, your city, your state,  your nation – going throughout the world.  I am about the press the override button! 

Keep praying, keep asking, keep knocking, for the bowls of prayer requests are hitting to the overflow!

Not one will be missed or overlooked!  The injustices have not been forgotten.  For I have every instance accounted for.  We have file cabinets full of records of every detail, delay, denial, loss, misfortune, and looting.

Hear me!  Hear me!  The prayers of my people have overloaded the bowls of prayers and they are about to spill out the recompense, the reversal, for every situation, for every record.

 For I am the God of vengeance, and recompense.  I shall recover all for the sake of my people and for my kingdom.  For my bride shall have her treasures and her adornments.  She shall be beautiful and lovely to the eye.

For the eye of mankind sees the outward.  And I shall recover all so mankind shall see the mercies of the Lord being bestowed upon the earth and all of creation.

 See it!  See it! 

Know it!  Know it!

It shall happen and you shall see it come to pass.

For has there ever been such a time as this?  For has there ever been a worldwide reversal or disorder reversed in the history of the earth?  Is it too good to be true?

All the blessings that have been withheld are being released.  Heaven is about to tip the bowls unto the earth!  I am about the unlock the cage!  I am about to destroy the evil works!  I am about to bring the recompense!  I am about to free you! 

Forgive!  Forgive!  Give your requests and war cries to me, and I shall recover all!

Scripture References:

Revelation 5:8

When He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp, and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

Esther 9:1

Now in the twelfth month, that is, the month of Adar, on the thirteenth day, the time came for the king’s command and his decree to be executed. On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred, in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them.

I Samuel 30:8

So David inquired of the LORD, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.


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Why are you downcast, O my soul?  Have you forgotten all the lofty promises of the Lord your God?  Are you looking to your current circumstances; feeling stuck, like permanent glue?

Will things ever change?  Will the Lord my God keep his lofty promises; and when will they come about?

For my heart is drawn to the Lord my God – for even He has saved my very soul, He has accomplished the greatest feat of mankind, the laying down of his life, not only that; but a perfect life – worthy of great power and strength; deemed worthy of gaining salvations of all mankind.

For He has gained victory over rejection, pride, accusation, theft, pain, agony, and even death; and may I state; death on a cross.  Not for His sins, for He had not; but for your sins, the sins of mankind; every single one.

He has gained victory and has passed that victory to all who call themselves after He, Christ; The One who was there since the beginning; the One who assisted in creation itself.

For can a God who has divided entire seas, stopped storms, cause water to come out of the rock, caused manna to fall from Heaven, sent plagues upon Egypt and rise from the dead, accomplish all He has promised, and proclaimed; in this day and age?

The One who manages multitudes of the angelic host; sets luminaries in place; the One who heard Jonah at the great ocean depth; and spoke to the fish to vomit him out on the shore; only so he could do what God commanded him to do?

How much proof do you need: O ye of downcast soul, that God is the God of love, fulfilled promise and recompense?

For He will accomplish what He desires; He will fulfill His promises.  He is good for His word; either through His word in the Bible – or whispered into your soul while you sleep.

For He is the master planner.  He has understanding and wisdom.  He has his gifts with him, ready to distribute at will.

But what is my part?  If I am downcast, am I not in a rebellious state; am I not out of sorts; and in dis-alignment with His promises?

It is my job to believe, agree, stand in proxy, proclaim, and trust with my whole heart; with my whole mind, and my entire soul.

He said that I would accomplish mighty feats; greater feats than what He accomplished.

So I shall sturdy myself – pray, seek, and knock, for that is where  inner-strength lies.

I shall worship him; love him, and focus on all of his lofty accomplishments.

I shall put a smile on my face, and begin to be thankful for all that he has promised, given, and for the fact that I am alive and well today.

For Satan is a liar.  He tricks us to believe that God will not do what He promised; he deceives us to feel unworthy.  He lures our mind into despair and loneliness – But I shall not buy his wares; I am returning all the lies I have purchased, and wasted my time, energy, and money on.

I shall no longer resort to them; or fall on them; or lean on them as a default action.    

But now, I shall lean on His strength, the strength of the Lord my God, and all of his loftiness and grandeur.  For time is in His hands, and the future is waiting for me, to proclaim; to speak out the truth of God – so it may be accomplished in me.                                                                                                                                             For you attract what you put out; and depression will not attract the blessings of God.

So put on a smile, and put a skip in your step, and begin to act like you are a believer in the one true lofty God; who has promised much, and who is about to accomplish mighty things on the earth.

The God who loves, even you, even after all you have done, and not done.

Repent, O my soul of all the lies you believed.

For if you tune in to the ‘deception channel’, that is all you will see.

If you listen to the lies of the media, that will flood your soul with lies of fear.

Fear the Lord, O you people of the earth, fear the lord.

Fear Him; who can send you to hell, and on that day all will be lost, anything you might have gained will be destroyed.

Live for Him, so you may live in eternal dwellings, and eternal life.  Believe in the One who is about to do the mighty things on the earth no man can fathom, or understand.

Give your life to Him, who will pick you up; turn you around, and set you right.

Who will then not blot you out of his great book of life, instead; fill you with peace. Be Saved!  Be Saved!  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  He is your very future.  He is love and wants you in His Kingdom.  Receive Him!   Receive Him in your heart!   And be saved.

Scripture References:

Psalm 43:5

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,  and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him,  and He will make your paths straight

Luke 12:5

But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.

Join me in the following prayer:

Father God,  I admit I have been depressed.  I admit I have been afraid.  Forgive me.  Forgive me of every thought of the worst that can happen.  Forgive me for feeling hopeless and helpless.

I receive your forgiveness.  I choose to trust you.  I choose to believe  your word, and I choose to believe your promises.  I receive you as my Lord and Saviour in every area of my life. 

I forgive myself.  I release myself from all debt and obligations that I would owe. 

I break all demonic soul ties between myself and any entity that is feeding me lies of fear and doubt.   I break all demonic soul ties between myself and anything within me resorting to helplessness, hopelessness and depression. 

I now cancel all Satan’s power and authority over me in all these issues; because I have received forgiveness.

Holy Spirit come into my heart, and reveal your truth to me.  I break the power of all deceptive lies, and ask  you to consistently reveal the truth to me on a daily basis. 

I choose to walk in the ways of the Lord my God, and to return from where I left off in my relationship with him.  I am no longer willing to listen to lies in the media.  I choose to only listen to the truth.  

Where lies continue, I thank you that you have given me great discernment to understand what is evil, and what is good; discernment to know lies from truth.   

Thank you that you are using me to encourage others; and to fulfill my destiny without wavering or tire.

Praise the Lord my God, who is taking me out of the pit; to the palace.  In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

What Has Satan Stolen? (Last Chance; Repent of the Dark Arts!)

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And here is today’s Word of the Lord ..

What has Satan Stolen?  What has Satan stolen from you?  Has he taken your mind?  Your body?  Has he influenced your spirit?  Has he lured you to the dungeon – into darkness and despair?

For Who in this day and age does this type of work?  Who fills you with fear of death, fear of loss, loss of strength, and despair?  It is the works of darkness.

What have you done in your life to open the door to the dark, sinister works and apathy of soul?  Who has lured you to witchcraft – who has lured you to the dark works of this age and of ages past?  Who has enticed you, to light a candle with evil prayers for the nation?  Let me tell you; Satan is the master deceiver.

REPENT my child; for you were mine before you gave yourself to the evil one.  Repent!  And I shall take hold of you, and love you and protect you.  But not as a means of control, but for your soul.  That your soul would be filled with dunamis light of Christ – the power that goes beyond all powers.  The incredible light of Christ – the glory power of the Holy Ghost.   

 I shall change your dark arts to incredible power to heal – beyond your imagination. 

Who has lured you to where you are now?

Who has whispered in your ear – and has placed on your heart the inner desire to have power and to control.  Witchcraft is the very rejection of who I created you to be.  For I , Elohim am not a warlock, nor have I deemed dark arts to be worthy of anything,  but death, and a place where fire and brimstone and suffering ends in endless agony and regret.  Hell is not something to esteem my child, it is the very destruction of what I have called you to be. 

Witchcraft is hatred; of oneself and others; whether you call yourself a white witch or practice voodoo; or even black magic.  Witch – I say to you,  “Let go of your control – for I have a plan for you, my daughter.”

Warlock – I say to you,  “Let go of all you have done to destroy the people of the earth; your secret prayers, animal sacrifices, rapes, drinking of human blood, and every other dark art.”  For I have seen you, and I say to you; “You belong to me.”  I say to you; ” I am releasing you from your commitment to Satan and all the heirachies in Satan’s kingdom that you have committed yourself to.”

I say to you both, “Witch and Warlock; this is the time to abandon your low position from darkness and come and bring true healing to the nations and into the dunamis light.  Come into my Glory.  Let go of your seances, evil cups, cards, fires, spells, potions and Magick.  For these are children’s toys.   Grow up, and be who I have called you to be. 

For Satan is the master DECEIVER.  He has lied to you, and tricked you.  He has said things to you, but not all ends as seemed in the beginning.  Even you have seen this.  It is a lifetime trap. 

Now is your chance to come out!  Come out of darkness and the dark arts.  Come out of the constant intermingling of demons, imps and prostrates.  Come out of darkness; for my power is beyond and beyond.  It is infinite. 

Come and take a chance on bringing true healing to the nations.   For I desire to reverse all the effects of your prayers of destructions. 

And if you choose not to come into the light, I will raise up another in your place to take the wonders I have offered you; and you shall be forever destroyed.  For your time has come to an end. 

Now it your chance to take hold of the horns of MY Altar, and partake in the blood of the lamb; who was slain for your redemption.  For everything else is a lie; and the blood of the lamb has purchased your very soul.   It has won victory over your life, whether you have dedicated your life to Satan or not.

Witch and Warlock – you have a chance to come into the light.

Repent of your wicked deeds and dark arts.  Throw away your wands, pentagrams, dark jewelry and earrings.  Renounce everything  you have done, and I vow to protect you; that I will give you the power and strength to leave it all behind.  Renounce your WICCA, your white magick, blessing spells, jewelry curses and horoscopes.  Repent of your card readings, tea leaf readings, special veils and clothing.  Renounce  your cloaks and astral projections. 

Renounce it all, and I will give you a position in the Kingdom of God – and you shall teach the nations – and prophesy.  Renounce your psychic visions and words of death.

 Repent!  And I will forgive you!  For the power that is coming to the earth in this last season will far surpass the past seasons, and will be greater than you can imagine.

  I invite you; and will give you the strength to overcome all the evil  you have concocted, planned, and improvised.

Repent, all of you, and receive the Kingdom of Light.  Repent!   Now is the time.  You have a chance to make a major shift – and to change your course of action; to make a 180-degree turn from your final destination;  Heaven or Hell.

Hell is not a party; nor is it anything where you will receive accolades.  Satan has tricked you; and lied to EVEN YOU.  For you are just a pawn to him. 

But to me, you are a King, and you are a Queen.  Experience true love; experience my forgiveness and redemption.  Seek me, and you shall fine me.  Ask me; and I shall answer.  Believe in me, and I shall deliver.

I will deliver you from every demon, from every shackle, and clear your mind and memory from every traumatic experience. 

Now it the time.  Come, I am calling  you to come out of your dark arts.  Come into the kingdom of light.  Come!  The time is now  – For has there been such a time as this; where I have invited the witches and warlocks to healing of the nations?   But I am. 

Last chance to change your course of action.  Come to me, and repent of your dark arts, and I shall save your soul.  And you shall be called, chosen and given a place in my Kingdom of Light.

 Throw away your crystal balls, your books of dark arts, magick and occult. Renounce your ways of old.  Toss out your witchcraft video games.  Come higher; I am calling you out of the dungeon into my palace.  Come!  Repent! Come!  Repent, It is time.

Come!  Repent!  Renounce your spells, and incantations, renounce your chants and mantras renounce the all seeing eye, Lucifer, and Luciferian doctrine.  Renounce the anti-Christ and switch sides while I am giving you the chance to do it.

Scripture References & Words of Encouragement:

Revelation 12:9

 And the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world.  He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

Deuteronomy 18:9-14

When you enter the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery, casts spells, consults a medium or spiritist, or inquires of the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD. And because of these detestable things, the LORD your God is driving out the nations before you.

You must be blameless before the LORD your God. Though these nations, which you will dispossess, listen to conjurers and diviners, the LORD your God has not permitted you to do so.

Leviticus 19:26

Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times.

Ezekiel 14:6

“Therefore say to the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices!

Acts 19:18-19

Many who had believed now came forward, confessing and disclosing their deeds. And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books and burned them in front of everyone.

Basic Repentance Prayer:

If this message is speaking to you; repent! Ask God to forgive you of every sin listed and connected with those listed here.

Sample Prayer: “Father God, forgive me off all my sins. I believe Yeshua(Jesus) died on the cross for my sins, and became victor over every evil work. I receive Yeshua as my Lord and Savior of my life. I admit I have been more than willing to practice the sins of witchcraft, sorcery, the occult, magick, and be involved in reading my horoscopes, candle magic, and the like. Forgive me. I forgive myself. I receive your forgiveness. I release myself from all debt and obligation that I would owe. And now, I cancel all of Satan’s power and authority over me in this issue, because I am forgiven. Give me a new paradigm shift in my thinking and create new neuro-pathways to my mind. Holy Spirit come into my heart, and reveal your truth to me.”

Streams in the Desert

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A Personal Word of the Lord. Grasp hold of it if it fits for you as well!


I love you.  I love you.  Where for art thou exhausted my child?  Have you gone on ahead of me; and my strength, and my power?

Trust me, and I shall give you the land and all that is within it.   Trust in my hand.  Trust in my resources.  Trust in my direction, lean on my strength, lean on my promises.  For truly, they will come to pass in this hour.

Now your days of darkness and despair are over;  you shall begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  As you have been working through drudgery, through darkness where you could not see.

But now my child, I shall open your eyes, turn on the light, and make a clear path to the streams in the desert.  For shall it come to pass?  And when?  Yes!  And in this very hour.

For you have been diligent, persistent, and unchanging.   And I have strengthened you as an iron tool in my hand and an iron tool is for keeps, it does not falter, wither, snap in harsh treatment or conditions, it is a reliable tool in all seasons.

For in this season you shall break fetters, bondages, and chains without wavering or tire.   For an iron tool is exactly what I needed and what I wanted.

An iron tool is sharpened and strong.  Be encouraged, my daughter, for your strength has surpassed many in the kingdom.

 Your strength is like a strong tower, and many will run to it, seeking help and advice.  For you have withstood the test.  You have passed through the mire and the bog.

But now, I shall give you hinds feet like a deer, and you shall run like a gazelle and leap over obstacles, and tread unto the high mountains with ease and strength. 

You shall surpass all, and all will look to you in awe, as they will see the faithfulness of my attributes within you.

For strength is upon strength, and I shall build you up, and I shall add to your stature, and make you a great city.

For my promises are wonderful and lofty.  My treasures are endless.  My beauty is unsurpassing.  My wisdom goes without saying and speech.

This is the time daughter, come and partake, for no longer will you be forced to drink out of an unclean cistern. NOW you shall have pure, clean water, and endless favor like you have never seen or experienced; for you are well pleasing to me; and have withstood the test.

You have conquered and defeated defeat itself.  For you are mighty in the kingdom.  And now, my daughter, you shall only increase and not decrease. You shall only win and not lose,  You shall have the favor of the Lord, and no more loss.  You shall have respect only; and no more nay-saying.  For you have been called and chosen for this season.

It is my doing; give me the glory, my daughter, for this is the day of redemption, sanctification, and replenishing.  You shall be filled with my refreshing like and empty dry bottle; now clean with the purest water; filled to the overflow and continuing until the end of your days. 

Praise me for my faithfulness my daughter.  And congratulations for your winnings. 

Together, we have accomplished it, my daughter, my queen.  Surely you are my spokeswoman for this season.  You shall lift up, and encourage, and support many; and you shall dwell in the good land with many and plentiful provisions and you shall share the wealth with others; as I direct you.  For it is time.

Drudgery definition:   Menial, distasteful, dull, or hard work.

Mire definition:  a tract or area of wet, swampy ground; bog; marsh.

ground of this kind, as wet, slimy soil of some depth or deep mud.

Bog definition:  wet, spongy ground with soil composed mainly of decayed vegetable matter.

Iron definition:   something hard, strong, rigid, unyielding, or the like:

Gazelle definition:  any small antelope of the genus Gazella and allied genera, of Africa and Asia, noted for graceful movements and lustrous eyes.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 50:10

Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of his servant? Let the one who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD and rely on their God.

Jeremiah 15:12

Can anyone break iron, The northern iron and the bronze?

Isaiah 43:19

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.