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Update on DNA – God’s Imprint – Untested Gene Therapy

These are critical. We have simply got to be led by the Spirit of the living God in these last days, or the enemy will lead into deception.


God’s Imprint of YHWH in our DNA – Israeli scientists finds God’s name (YHWH) in our D.N.A – (3 min) –


Pastor Sandy to the S4C family regarding the Corona Virus – from March 15, 2020 –


Eye-opening, highly informative and educational piece was featured on Daystar with Dr. Tenpenny


More extensive from Dr. Tenpenny –


Being unvaccinated in Israel –


WHO Insider Blows Whistle on Gates and GAVI


Is Trump Pro Vaccine? –


How many people are the Vaccines Killing? –


This is about our Individual Freedoms. In order to make informed decisions, we need to GET THE FACTS . where they are freely being disclosed, and not concealed.


Be Informed – Know the Truth about Covid-19 Vax

……….. you may save lives by forwarding this on your social media ………..

In the 1st month of so-called vaccinations in the U.S. alone, there were 40,000 documented cases of adverse reactions including serious neurological problems. It’s NOT a vaccine! A vaccine produces an immune response. This SHOT changes your DNA and just like ‘stem cell therapy’, it’s effect increases over time as the infected cells produce more infected cells …….. until the body essentially kills itself. The vaccines from ModeRNA, Phizer and Johnson and Johnson are NOT VACCINES at all. They are GENE THERAPY and their guinea pigs are YOU AND ME. These companies have demanded immunity from prosecution and a COMPLICIT Congress gave it to them. So if you receive their shot … and die … you have NO RECOURSE ! Dr. Steve Hotze: COVID-19 “vaccine” is NOT a vaccine, but a dangerous experimental gene therapy.

Don’t be a Bill Gates/Anthony Fauci guinea pig !

From Mike Adams, the Health Ranger – Top vaccine scientist warns the world: HALT all covid-19 vaccinations immediately, or “uncontrollable monster” will be unleashed.

Eye-opening on Daystar. Must sign up for FREE to get access to video, then search for Tenpenny (Dr who shares the truth) queue at 33:33. Highly informative and educational.

Entertaining as well as informative.

Emergency Alert News Flash – YouTube March 3, 2021

COVID, Censorship and TRACE – Time to Rise Up!

This is SERIOUS! – Please read and see video links below. Thank you for helping us stop this in its tracks!

Follow-up – Re: HB #6666 – “The Trace Act” – Tracking Reaching And Contacting Everyone

The following quote from someone who knows the impact of contacting leaders in government – “Regarding HR 6666 with the White House phone number.  It has not passed the House or the Senate yet.  If we can stop the train before it leaves the station, that would be great!  If everyone would just call their senators and representatives, they count one person as 5000 people.  They are supposed to fight for us.  We put them in office.”

Sign petition –

Contact Tracing in Arizona is happening in our city and State NOW – This requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION that is DATE SENSITIVE. This is an opportunity to make your voices heard and count NOW!!!

If everyone could email their senators and representatives, they count one person as 5000 people!!! They are supposed to fight for us. We put them in office.

Please follow through AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Time is of the essence. Your liberties are at stake!

To find your Legislators, enter an address here:  

Then click here for House and Senate rosters to send email: Let them know we are holding them accountable to defend our rights and not lose our freedoms!

A letter follows that you can use. Instructions are below the letter.


DATE, 2020

The Honorable [_________________]
Arizona State Capitol
1700 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007

RE: COVID-19 Track and Trace (W.H.O., CDC, funds and program)

Dear Senator [_______________] (OR) Representative [_________________]:

This is [your name].  I am a community member citizen of your District.

It has come to my attention (and many others in the community) and is of grave concern to us, that there is a program and funds which have been rolled out by the W.H.O. and CDC to the State, to hire workers to go door to door to test individuals for COVID-19.  And to further extract citizens from their homes, whether it be parents or children, and to quarantine them, thereby separating families, molesting them from their dwelling places.  We are, therefore, appealing to you for help against the invasion of our privacy as Citizens in your District, the State of Arizona, and furthermore the USA.

We pray that you will do everything within your power to protect us in accordance with Amendment IV of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the US government, which first states:  “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects . .”  To intrude into someone’s home is in violation of our Constitutional rights to live peacefully as a Citizen of Arizona and the USA.

The W.H.O. is a global organization and is not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, but the UN.  However, the CDC, is a division of the United States, and is subject to our elected officials.

How this got rolled out and is going forward without a bill appropriation, and against the constitutional laws already in place, is unconscionable.  This scenario is akin to what happened in the Communist Republic of China, where they went and pulled people from their homes and families and locked them up in quarantine.  However, we are citizens of the United States of America, which is subject to the Constitutional rights of our body of law.

We therefore pray that you will continue to preserve our rights as US Citizens and Citizens of Arizona, which you represent, that our liberties will not be infringed upon.  And that you will continue to fight to preserve the dignity of the people which you represent.

We therefore thank you for your service and your continued fight to preserve the liberties of the constituents you serve.


[Your Name]
[Your Street Address]
[Your City, State, Zip]


Fill out the above letter ONLY to your personal Representatives and Senator for your District – at the STATE level. Put the name of each Senator and each Representative singularly in different letters for each one, not just ‘Dear Representative,’ but using their last name, for example: “Dear Representative Barto.” Use the person’s full name following the word “Honorable.” For example, “The Honorable Nancy Barto.” Copy and paste the following letter and fill in your specifics wherever you see [brackets]. Below are links to both look up and then email your specific Representatives and Senator.

P.S. We will follow up later with a letter going to the US Congress.

Dr Rashid Buttar says: “We are about to come into the most incredible world that we can even imagine. It will be like heaven on earth because we are about to undo the injustices, not for tens of years nor hundreds of years nor thousands of years; This entire cascade of division and conquering people is about to be over but we can’t lay back and think it’s going to happen on its own.”

In this first in a series of interviews covering censorship and medical tyranny, Ty and Charlene Bollinger interview Dr. Rashid Buttar on the COVID-19 issue .


Pastor Tom Schermitzler describes the urgency for Phoenix and Arizona:

“ALERT: Federal monies are flowing to the states for this purpose. Contact your state and federal representatives.”

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK – if we want to keep our families at home with us and not have our friends and contacts tracked down and threatened. This is for everyone’s privacy and protection! Recognize, Coronavirus, Vaccines and 5G are ALL toxic and destructive to human and animal life. (See video Dr. Buttar video and others online.) We have a chance to stand up for our rights and our families.

Update – May 14, 2020 –

Representative Nancy Barto led a meeting with the House of Representatives May 14, 2020 – They are committed to staying “open to have meetings” to discuss solutions to this issue!

From Pastor Tom Schermitzler’s Facebook post: “A little background… The House of Representatives (and Representative Nancy Barto) have kept things open, with added days of discussion, so the implications of government funding – and science/medicine around COVID and what procedures and decisions need to be made – could be properly discussed and things “brought to the light.” A LOT of our communication problems are centered around NOT having open dialogue – and Representative Barto was presiding over the meeting today – and it was a breath of fresh air to actually hear people openly and honestly discussing the details without name calling. I was honored that Nancy contacted me and said, “Please have people pray for me and this meeting.” Full Facebook post:

Representative Barto helped to make the situation clear on BOTH sides (the science/doctors and the public). If only other states could be so open in discussion, it would help to lessen the problems that have occurred. I am so glad that our House of Representatives is taking the extra time to look at all the testing – reports – and dialoguing about implications of decisions and parameters of enforcement OPENLY (without one side arguing or name-calling over the other party) – so healthy. What a wonderful meeting! .

It was the way civic and church should take hands together – and it would be helpful to see discussions like this on TV News – and in the states – without the negative name calling but just honestly looking at and discussing the PROBLEM and not pointing fingers. WOW! It made me proud to be an Arizonan!!!!!  (You can to go and look up May 14, 2020, meeting or watch it here: Soooo smooooth… and the way we should live as a free society in discussing the issues.) ! EYE-OPENING, refreshing AND productive). There will be more House meetings to come. Representative Nancy Barto appreciates your prayers!”

NEW – Resources to Contact Leaders:





Correct Your Status; The American State Assembly:

Symptoms and Solutions to EMF Exposure

Thank you for visiting It’s Your Divine Destiny! We invite you to join Janet Mata on KXXT1010am every Thursday at 4:15PM and Sunday at 9:45AM  Arizona time online or on radio, or join the program on SoundCloud or OmnyStudio on demand anytime worldwide.  It’s Your Divine Destiny is sponsored by

This article is the bring awareness and solutions to the dangers of EMF. This has everything to do with your Divine Destiny. For how can you do what you are called to do when you are being affected by something you do not understand? This article is just that. To bring awareness and understanding so you can do something about it. Here are the common symptoms of EMF exposures: Headaches, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, numbness and tingling in arms and legs, face, respiratory problems, heart problems, dizziness, ear pain, depression, muscle cramps, joints in muscles, metallic taste in your mouth, stomach pains, tiredness, bleeding gums, eye problems, anxiety, brain tumors, infertility and cancer. The symptoms above are listed in a Defense Intelligence Agency and a Naval Medical Research Institute paper.

Where are the possible sources of exposure?

Solution: Buy a tri-field meter so you can see what you are being exposed to and stay away when possible or mitigate the situation. The one we like is found here:

Electric and Magnetic Fields:

Power Lines and Home Wiring – use MC cable wiring to protect wires from emanating electric frequencies. To hire an emf expert for your residence, contact: For electric work We recommend T K Electric, who installed ours (ask for Pedro) (602) 812-9031

Transmission Towers

Dirty Electricity:

Electronics and Computers –

Compact Flourescent Lights (CFL’s) – replace; the best bulb to use is the incandescent since it has the full light spectrum. Avoid anything variable or uses a transformer plug if possible.

Dimmer Switches – Remove and replace with regular switches

Improper Home Wiring – Have a professional check your box and wires or a home building biologist. To hire an emf expert for your residence, contact:

Solar Panels – When you get solar panels, you need an additional smart meter, which is double the amount of radio frequency radiation on your home exposing not just yourself, but also your neighbors. The extra overage of electricity that is produced goes into the main transformer that is shared between the adjacent neighbors, and then is resold into their homes. Solar Panels create dirty electricity not just in your home, but in your neighbors home.

Solutions for Dirty Electricity:

Stetzer Electric and Greenwave offer plug-in filters which help to reduce DE.

BEST ANSWER for removing total harmonics in the electric line going into your home: Get a whole house Dirty Electricity (DE) Mitigation device (Sinetamer)installed next to your electric panel. Purchase here: Must be installed by a professional electrician. We recommend T K Electric, who installed ours (ask for Pedro) (602) 812-9031

If you buy a Sinetamer you do not need Stetzer or Greenwave Plug-ins.

Many people have been helped by adding iodine to their diet for cellular health. To buy yours check out this link:

Radio Frequency Fields:

Cordless Phones and Baby Monitors – Do not use a baby monitor. The exposure puts your child at risk for multiple brain and developmental injuries. Switch from cordless home phone to a corded phone. They are only about $30 at your local Walmart.

Wireless Networks – Try to go places without WIFI if possible, hardwire your computer to your internet and turn the wifi off. You can add hardwire outlets for guests in other areas of your home without having to be exposed to 24/7 wifi. If this is not possible, get a switch to turn your wifi off when not in use.

Contact your child’s school to remove WIFI and replace with hardwired computers.

Cell Phones, Tablets and PDA’s – Limit your use if possible, turn them off when not in use, or put them in airplane mode when possible, remove all blue tooth if possible, and get a wired headset. Do not sleep next to your phone, turn it off at night and keep it in a separate place away from where you sleep. Distance is your friend. Do not carry your phone on your person or pocket.

Mircrowaves to cook your food: Use the gas or electric stove instead. Microwaving your food changes the molecular makeup of it and affects your health. Choose to eat raw and mostly organic fruits and vegetables if possible.

Radio and Cell Towers – Avoid exposure as much as possible. Protect your home with Y-Shield Paint, or radiant barrier insulation or both. Consult a professional to make sure you are doing it properly. Install Glass protection from any radiation coming through windows. Available at:

Smart Meters – Solution: Call your local electric, gas or water provider and ask to opt out of your radio frequency transmitting Smart Meter. You can use creative wall shielding such as Y-Shield Paint or Radiant Barrier protection. If your utility provider will not allow you to opt out, then a smart meter guard will eliminate most of the radiation. Buy this one:

Get Your eBook on Long Term EMF Protection Here by Lloyd Barrel:

To hire an emf expert for your residence, contact:

How to Protect Yourself Cell Phone Radiation

Thank you for visiting It’s Your Divine Destiny! We invite you to join Janet Mata on KXXT1010am every Thursday at 4:15PM and Sunday at 9:45AM  Arizona time online or on radio, or join the program on SoundCloud or OmnyStudio on demand anytime worldwide.  It’s Your Divine Destiny is sponsored by

Here at It’s Your Divine Destiny, our goal is to bring you awareness of what is about to take place, to bring you wisdom and information to help you discover and live out Your Divine Destiny.
Years ago, I began to experience ear pain when I used my cell phone and held it to my ear.  I began to use a wired headset, which helped it stay away from my ear.  Later when the Apple iPhones came out, I tried it for two weeks.  But even with the speaker on, and the phone away from my ear, I could feel it not only in my ear, but I could feel radiation hit various parts of my body.  I began to get dizzy spells and feel disoriented regularly while having the phone within 4 feet of my body. 
At the end of two weeks I opted for a regular flip phone again and kept using my wired headset.  This was only the beginning of symptoms, which got worse when I was around groups of people all with their cell phones on.  I now use my cell phone for emergencies only, and use a landline phone for my business, which has no radio frequency radiation. 
However, many people have not realized that cell phones emit radio-frequency radiation, which is a type of electromagnetic field or EMF. These EMFs impact health in subtle, but powerful ways. That’s to say, they have adverse biological effects on the health of your cells.


There’s a LOT of science that shows cell phone radiation as detrimental to health.

Lloyd Burrell is one of a growing number of folks who has experienced the devastating effects of cell phone radiation. In February 2002, he put his cell phone next to his ear to answer a call and began to feel light-headed and slightly dizzy. By the end of the short conversation, he was confused and dazed.

A few minutes later, his phone rang again. As he was speaking, his ear started to feel warm. This burning sensation then spread to the whole side of his face. Then, daylong headaches became the norm, and every time he put his phone to his ear, it hurt.

Doctors said his illness didn’t exist, even as his condition was deteriorating.

It took Lloyd nearly 10 years to understand the science, what was happening to his body and learn how to deal with EMFs. There are concrete and practical steps to safeguard your health and protect yourself, which he is here to share.

In Lloyd’s informative eGuide, you’ll discover:


  • How cell phones stole 10 years of Lloyd’s life (and how to recognize the dangers)
  • Links to research studies showing how cell phones can be hazardous
  • 5 ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation

              Click here to download your free cell phone risks guide! 


When you download this amazing resource, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit taking place on August 26 — world-renowned experts teaching you more about EMFs and 5G!


You can truly get started on better health today!


Written by Janet Mata and Jonathan Otto