Me?  Who am I, that I should be anything?  Who am I, that God has shed his grace upon me?  Me?  I hated people, I held shame, embarrassment and pride.  I carried the weight of iniquities from my generational line.  I committed atrocities and spoke sarcastically.  I was rude and condemed others, including myself.

But all that has been laid at the cross for exchange for the love of Christ.  His love continues to set me free and has changed me forever.  His grace is sufficient – when all else fails.  He is faithful.  He has made my crooked paths straight.  His eyes looked upon me with compassion and his strong arms have embraced me and protected me from harm.

He has given me a voice to share His heart – one of love and forgiveness, but also one of teaching and truth of responsibility, diligency and self-control.  He is my best friend and ultimately is the only one I can count on, time after time.  He will always be there for me, and promises to be there for you, too – if only you trust Him – and obey His commandments.  He is ultimate love who died on the cross for your sake – so you may have a life of freedom in Christ.

Be diligent to be about His business in seeking Him whole-heartedly, and making Him the lover of your soul.  He is the basis of all that is good – and surely He is the rewarder of your faith in Him.

Seek Him like never before, and watch your life transform into victory in every area of your life.  He and He alone is worth to be praised!

The photo above is where I currently spend time with the Lord.

Janet Mata
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