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Why are you downcast, O my soul?  Have you forgotten all the lofty promises of the Lord your God?  Are you looking to your current circumstances; feeling stuck, like permanent glue?

Will things ever change?  Will the Lord my God keep his lofty promises; and when will they come about?

For my heart is drawn to the Lord my God – for even He has saved my very soul, He has accomplished the greatest feat of mankind, the laying down of his life, not only that; but a perfect life – worthy of great power and strength; deemed worthy of gaining salvations of all mankind.

For He has gained victory over rejection, pride, accusation, theft, pain, agony, and even death; and may I state; death on a cross.  Not for His sins, for He had not; but for your sins, the sins of mankind; every single one.

He has gained victory and has passed that victory to all who call themselves after He, Christ; The One who was there since the beginning; the One who assisted in creation itself.

For can a God who has divided entire seas, stopped storms, cause water to come out of the rock, caused manna to fall from Heaven, sent plagues upon Egypt and rise from the dead, accomplish all He has promised, and proclaimed; in this day and age?

The One who manages multitudes of the angelic host; sets luminaries in place; the One who heard Jonah at the great ocean depth; and spoke to the fish to vomit him out on the shore; only so he could do what God commanded him to do?

How much proof do you need: O ye of downcast soul, that God is the God of love, fulfilled promise and recompense?

For He will accomplish what He desires; He will fulfill His promises.  He is good for His word; either through His word in the Bible – or whispered into your soul while you sleep.

For He is the master planner.  He has understanding and wisdom.  He has his gifts with him, ready to distribute at will.

But what is my part?  If I am downcast, am I not in a rebellious state; am I not out of sorts; and in dis-alignment with His promises?

It is my job to believe, agree, stand in proxy, proclaim, and trust with my whole heart; with my whole mind, and my entire soul.

He said that I would accomplish mighty feats; greater feats than what He accomplished.

So I shall sturdy myself – pray, seek, and knock, for that is where  inner-strength lies.

I shall worship him; love him, and focus on all of his lofty accomplishments.

I shall put a smile on my face, and begin to be thankful for all that he has promised, given, and for the fact that I am alive and well today.

For Satan is a liar.  He tricks us to believe that God will not do what He promised; he deceives us to feel unworthy.  He lures our mind into despair and loneliness – But I shall not buy his wares; I am returning all the lies I have purchased, and wasted my time, energy, and money on.

I shall no longer resort to them; or fall on them; or lean on them as a default action.    

But now, I shall lean on His strength, the strength of the Lord my God, and all of his loftiness and grandeur.  For time is in His hands, and the future is waiting for me, to proclaim; to speak out the truth of God – so it may be accomplished in me.                                                                                                                                             For you attract what you put out; and depression will not attract the blessings of God.

So put on a smile, and put a skip in your step, and begin to act like you are a believer in the one true lofty God; who has promised much, and who is about to accomplish mighty things on the earth.

The God who loves, even you, even after all you have done, and not done.

Repent, O my soul of all the lies you believed.

For if you tune in to the ‘deception channel’, that is all you will see.

If you listen to the lies of the media, that will flood your soul with lies of fear.

Fear the Lord, O you people of the earth, fear the lord.

Fear Him; who can send you to hell, and on that day all will be lost, anything you might have gained will be destroyed.

Live for Him, so you may live in eternal dwellings, and eternal life.  Believe in the One who is about to do the mighty things on the earth no man can fathom, or understand.

Give your life to Him, who will pick you up; turn you around, and set you right.

Who will then not blot you out of his great book of life, instead; fill you with peace. Be Saved!  Be Saved!  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  He is your very future.  He is love and wants you in His Kingdom.  Receive Him!   Receive Him in your heart!   And be saved.

Scripture References:

Psalm 43:5

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,  and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him,  and He will make your paths straight

Luke 12:5

But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.

Join me in the following prayer:

Father God,  I admit I have been depressed.  I admit I have been afraid.  Forgive me.  Forgive me of every thought of the worst that can happen.  Forgive me for feeling hopeless and helpless.

I receive your forgiveness.  I choose to trust you.  I choose to believe  your word, and I choose to believe your promises.  I receive you as my Lord and Saviour in every area of my life. 

I forgive myself.  I release myself from all debt and obligations that I would owe. 

I break all demonic soul ties between myself and any entity that is feeding me lies of fear and doubt.   I break all demonic soul ties between myself and anything within me resorting to helplessness, hopelessness and depression. 

I now cancel all Satan’s power and authority over me in all these issues; because I have received forgiveness.

Holy Spirit come into my heart, and reveal your truth to me.  I break the power of all deceptive lies, and ask  you to consistently reveal the truth to me on a daily basis. 

I choose to walk in the ways of the Lord my God, and to return from where I left off in my relationship with him.  I am no longer willing to listen to lies in the media.  I choose to only listen to the truth.  

Where lies continue, I thank you that you have given me great discernment to understand what is evil, and what is good; discernment to know lies from truth.   

Thank you that you are using me to encourage others; and to fulfill my destiny without wavering or tire.

Praise the Lord my God, who is taking me out of the pit; to the palace.  In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

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