Diamond in the Rough

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IT’S YOUR DIVINE DESTINY – Jonny Brandemihl Interview – Part 2 of 2 – An inspirational word from Yeshua for Jonathon called, “Diamond in the Rough”. This word may be for you, too!

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Diamond in the Rough

An Inspirational Word for Jonathon Brandemihl – straight from the heart of our Heavenly  Father.

I am calling you!  I am calling you…. I am calling you my friend and advocate – a voice in the desert and a man after my own heart.  For can’t I count the very atoms in your heart?  And how many cells are yearning  after me?   For you truly please me.  Your searching and vanity has come to an end, my son.  Let go and move higher. 

Do not compare yourself to others, thinking yourself as less-than and or under par.

For one such as you – a diamond in the rough only requires a few sharp cuts and polishing to make you a grand spectacular for all to see.

Not that you are yearning to be seen, my son, but realize when you are seen through perfection; others see me.   For the Kingdom is in you.  Can you not see?  Can you not fathom?

That you are who you are because of the diamond you are – ?  Even though it might be in the rough state that it is in?  For I see your potential my son.  You are grand – and all who see you;  yes especially those in the spirit world can see this too!

Now then, get up and go higher.  Seek me my son – not through ministries and teachers – for I am your teacher and I am your ministry.

Seek Me and see your life change.

“But how?” you say.

Meet me at a specific place and at a specific hour on a regular basis.  It’s like making an appointment.  The only thing  you need to do is keep that appointment. 

Because Satan the master deceiver will always attempt to distract you – away from ME.  Whether it’s a phone call, an ’emergency’, a need, or a ‘shiny thing’ – He will try, so stay focused on me my son and KING.  Yes, you are King – like Joseph and like David, no matter how they started, they had that same diamond in the rough.   They allowed me to mold them, because they asked me.  They let me cut with a sharp tool their roughness.  That sharp tool is the word of God. 

The word of God all on its own does not do anything.  But if you allow it to cut the roughness of who you are and change you, then you are beginning to take the shape.   Later, I will allow you to be polished.

Polishing is an order my son.

You see, think of a diamond just mined out of the mine.  It is not clear, or shiny.  But it has great value and potential.  No matter where I take it, it has value.  If I throw it to the bottom of the ocean, it still has value, and it is still a diamond.  If I bury it and wish it to go away, it does not, for it is still a diamond.

So you see, YOU my son have great potential.  But the diamond in the rough just lacks confidence.  Because when he looks in the mirror all he sees is his rough edges.  Because all the pain it took to become this diamond – for that is how it forms in the mine (in the earth).  It is not until someone finds it that they rejoice over it because of what it is, and what it could be, and that the value is quite high.

But it doesn’t end there, because it is still in its rough form.

If I leave it on the table and carry it to church, and take it with me shopping, it is still in its rough form.

But my son, if you will allow me to CUT one small part at a time, as you seek me, and invest your time in me, that means you and I alone. (do you fear me?) 

I will cut off each rough edge at a time, and not  short, fast and quick my son, but ever so slowly, so it will have time to process all the pain it took to develop those rough edges.   And those rough edges took a long time on a bumpy road to get there.

Now then, if you, my son, will allow me, and seek me with all your heart, and abandon all fear and apprehensions, I will do this thing in your heart.  For even your cells in your heart are yearning this great awakening.  You have the ability to delay, or deny as long as you wish.

It is FEAR that is truly holding  you back, and in your case, you are dealing with the enemies tactic of DISTRACTIONS in your life.  Because he knows it works (for you)

So get up my son, and come.  Meet me in that place.  Maybe you see a picture of where that is in your mind.  Go there and I will meet you where you are at.

No requirements are needed except a WILLING heart.  For your heart  IS Mine. It is ALL Mine.  I already know this to be true.  And your very essence will testify to this my son.

And over time, until the last cut of the diamond takes place, the polishing begins.

Polishing is a high paced FRICTION in order to make it shine.  It gets hot and may be uncomfortable.  But in the end, I will be able to even see my reflection, and when you are crystal clear my son,  you will be ready to be showcased. And not like putting  you in a curio cabinet with a light on it, But to add you, the diamond, to my signet ring that I wear.  And my joy over you to keep looking at my new diamond every time I look at my ring.  How beautiful.  How lovely.   And all because of who you are already, and what you allowed me to do to you.

You see, your don’t become a diamond without the trauma my son.

If you would wish the trauma never happened, you could be just an ordinary rock, like river rocks on the surface of a river.  But no,  you are a diamond in the rough.  It is a grand thing my son.

So then, look back at all your experiences with joy and anticipation.  Because my son …. The Best is Yet to Come!

Love, Your friend, Yeshua

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