Diamond in the Rough – SoundCloud

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IT’S YOUR DIVINE DESTINY – Jonny Brandemihl Interview – Part 2 of 2 – An inspirational word from Yeshua for Jonathon called, “Diamond in the Rough”. This word may be for you, too!

Contact Jonathon Brandemihl with Jonny’s Food Ministry @ www.facebook.com/Jonnys-Food-Mini…103765437122938/

An Inspirational Word for Jonathon Brandemihl – straight from the heart of our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for your donations!  To donate, visit:  BeautyforAshesBoutique.com If you would like to donate toward Jonny’s Food Ministry; contact him directly at: ww.facebook.com/Jonnys-Food-Mini…103765437122938/

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