Introducing Apostle Michael Petro

Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

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Behold!  I am the Lord God Almighty and I am one!  I am Israel in its completeness.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph Tav – the complete finished work of the cross – the one who has sent his son to die on a cross for you so that you might have everlasting life and life abundantly.  I am the vastness of creation, all you see – and all you don’t see.  My works are marvelous and I am master and King over all.  I am the God of worship – the God of thunder.  Which is my voice.  Many prophets and seers receive different anointings of my gifts.

The gift of Thunder – to speak as from God had been given to my son Apostle Petro – who has been my servant for years with utmost dignity and diligency.  He has the call of the thunderous voice – a voice of the wilderness and the voice of warning.  Heed his words for nay, they are my words and I have put them there.  He says what I have given him, – the voice of thunder – with the ability to release rain or drought.  Heed my voice through my son, whom I love.  For not many have gone through test and trials as he has.

I am very proud of my son in which whom you will hear in a moment.  He wears my stamp of approval – has weathered well and passed every storm and situation with triumph.  He knows from experience – not because of sin necessarily or rebellion – but because of my will – my call on his life.  He has stuck to me through thick and thin- and has trusted no man but me.  He is a true apostle of your day and I have brought him to you to share what I have placed on his heart.  Glory to God in the highest – for he cares for you to send a spokesman to represent his heart in these last days – not to bring judgment or curse, but to bring revelation and blessing. – To open up the scripture and a new level of understanding.  But highest of all, he has love.  He understands that without it, he is able to do nothing.  He has been humbled and walks in humility, not seeing himself as anything great; although he is mighty in my sight.

For who has gone the extra mile?  Who has done what I have asked?  Many, but I also say, ”Who has gone the ‘extra’ mile – beyond what I have asked?  Who has carried a heavy weight 2 miles when I have asked for only one?”  I can tell you those who have, will receive even greater a reward – for such is this mans unexpected love for me.  That he should double the yolk for my sake and the sake of his flock.

He is a true shepherd – the apple of mine eye.  He is all I could ever ask for – and he walks in his anointing and his calling.  Learn from him, and you will be truly blessed.  My words are true and amen and this is my testimony toward my son, Apostle Michael Petro.

Amen and Amen.

To contact Michael Petro’s Ministry – The Voice of Healing Church; click here for the link to his website:

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