Divinely Inspired Writing by Janet Mata
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Aristocracy – Those who perform this feat are mighty with valor. They are with those that do mighty things for the Lord God Yahweh, Your Father in Heaven.
I am above all things and fathom every mystery that exists. For I have created each mystery, and every secret there is known and those that have yet to be discovered. I am your secret and your mystery to be discovered – why don’t you search me out? Is my hand too short to reveal these things to you my son, and my daughter?
I am the secret God of creation and of substance. I am the veil that has been torn into two. I am the Ark and the way. I am the new covenant. I am a mystery that abounds even greater mysteries, each within the next, never ending, never ending. For what greater mystery is there but the love that awaits you gloriously in the heavenlies? This is the true mystery that is unfathomable to some.
Know ye not that Kings and Priests are here to search me out, unveiling many mysteries destined and patterned to be discovered at a certain time and time frame? You are on a set course of discovery – and shall trumpet the sound of heaven – waking up even the elect who are asleep at this hour. Great is your glory – those who shine forth like the noon-day sun to trumpet forth my glorious secrets. Those who have laid down their lives for my sake and carried their cross with the greatest joy known to man! May you be glorious and shine forth as such daughter and son, shine forth and live! And bring forth the light of Christ for those who are dying and asleep and you shall surely be rewarded!
Thank you!

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