Month: February 2015

The Sound of Heaven

The Sound of Heaven  – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #6 – 2/16/2014 – Airing on Thursday, 02/26/2015 on KXEG 1280AM The Trumpet at 3:30PM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened, ask of me and I will give it to you. Seek me first and all these other things shall follow you – for great is your God of Israel. The true church; the worshippers of Yod Hey Vav Hey; those who honor me in their daily living – their day to day transactions; those that seek my righteousness and holiness, Lo, I have spoken in the past but a day is coming nigh where I will speak things ye have not ever heard before. Get your ears ready church for you will hear a new sound – The sound of Yahweh. As Adam and Eve once had the ears to hear before I cast them away, so I will now bring a new sound on earth. Get your ears ready church for the new sound will not be a tickling; nor will it be familiar. It is a new sound. Get ready, Get ready. Consecrate yourselves and cut off carnal hearing by going into the depths of my word – my word which is like a multi-faceted stone – glorious and beautiful. My word has many sides to it, all equally reflecting the light of my kingdom – able to heal all your diseases and bring forth godly desires.

Consecrate yourselves – the sound coming forth will be unlike anything you have ever heard. Brace yourselves lest this new sound knock you out of your seat! Get up – The Lord your God is moving! He is alive, and is releasing a new sound! A dreadful, fearful sound for those who do not know or understand, but a delicious sound – a glorious sound to my bride – those who have been waiting patiently for me – those who do not make decisions before consulting me – those who treat me as their bridegroom – those who are thirsting after me and my word. Behold the new sound! It is coming – it is being released. Something you have never heard of in your day nor will ever hear of again.

Prepare and consecrate yourselves my bride – for I remove the veil over you so you can see; but you have yet heard – the true sound; the sound of heaven – the sound stored in the ark of the covenant – the sound of one who stands on my holy mountain – for you will be surprised how the Holy Spirit speaks through you. Be ready – to submit to me fully for I am about to use you like never before. I release the sound of heaven upon you this day – the first fruits of Adam and Eve – the sound of the garden and the glory – so again will my vessels be filled; with the glory of heaven. My glorious sound is like a trumpet – like thunder – it is about to go forth in full power and full force! Get ready because each of you will be used in a mighty way.

Continue my bride to seek me in this hour of great darkness – for I have not abandoned you! I am about to restore revelation to my church in its fullness; in its entirety. Continue studying my word – you must be diligent and consistent – continue to move forward – seek me and love me for I am your provider – Jehovah Jireh – and Jehovah Nissi – my banner over you is love – a love which is to be restored as it was in the beginning of the days of creation. Get ready, church! Get ready!

A new word supercedes the old word. So it is this new sound is replacing the old sound; the sound of silence – the barrenness of waiting; No more! No more will my church be barren – but out of your womb will flow rivers of living water – a breaking forth, a great birthing. But along with birthing comes tribulation. Consecrate yourselves. Dedicate all you have to me; for lo, I am able to carry the weight of my glory; and you shall birth forth a new wine, the new wine of revelation and the tribulations and pain which results in my glory! Do not shrink back, do not look back, do not hesitate. Do not wither, do not fear. For the glory will outweigh the suffering; the Spirit will overcome the flesh; therefore with such a promise will you not heed to my instructions? Will a table be built by merely having the pieces? Yet if you merely have the pieces and the instructions – will you build a table? No! You must take the time to read the instructions; understand them, and follow them in sequence in their proper timing. So it is with my word. Follow my instructions, understand their meanings, and take time to study and be familiar with my living word. Then will you be able to complete the task I set before you in faith.

Let Diligence be your master. Let wisdom be your guide. Let consistency be your stronghold. Give way to the one who has right of way. Yield to those who are bearing much fruit. Do not become jealous of one another; only look to me for surely I am your reward! There is nothing greater. For the greatest gift ever given is the gift of love. That I gave my life for those whom I loved, and I obeyed to the point of suffering and death; yet the promise of God prevailed; and his plan came forth; and he superceded the old and in his victory made all things new. He came to fulfill the old, not to do away with; but to complete the word began to the glory of God the Father. Therefore take diligent heed to my words; Be ye doers of the word and truly signs wonders and miracles will come to pass.

But do not follow signs, wonders and miracles – only allow them to follow you! For there is the true order of heaven and the prophetic giftings. Do not follow gifts, signs, or wonders; but heed the truth in all things and it will be well with you. All Glory to God our Father in the name of Yeshua.