Victorious Bride

Victorious Bride – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #– – 2/22/2103 – Airing on 1/1/2015 on KXEG 1280AM Radio at 3:30PM Thursday

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The Word of the Lord today is:

Write down what I tell you: Far be it from you the enemies tactics! You are a strength and a shield to those around you. Do not dismay for I am with you. Who can be against you in this hour? Who can defeat the mighty army of God? Woe to those who try. Go forth my bride, my precious army – my warfare warriors. Go forth, for I am doing a mighty thing in your day that no man has seen. Go forth – march in sequence and unity, full of love with strength and endurance, for no weapon formed against you shall prosper at this hour. Favor, favor! See doors open, see miracles, signs and wonders! Open your eyes my children, do not squeeze tight your eyes out of fear, but open them fully wide to see my glorious deliverance! All eyes on me, says the Lord – your King and Savior! Watch the Commander-in-Chief – your Master and King and follow me as I chase out all forces of darkness says the Lord of Hosts! You are mine and I am yours my bride – I have longed for you my bride – my army.

Forgotten are the days of old; forgotten are the days of your youth, behold I do a great and mighty thing in your day as in the day of Joshua. Call forth the hordes and dismantle their armor and weapons. Go forth my mighty army, my bride. I am calling on all bridal forces as a mighty weapon against the hordes of hell. Calling forth, calling forth my bride – warfare my bride – dismantle the forces of darkness and fight in your spirit – my bride. Nothing is too hard for you for I am with you and await you, my precious bride. I long for the day we will be together, so stay true to me as I am to you. I have strengthened you, now go forth boldly my bride. Warfare in the heavenlies and dismantle the enemies power and strongholds; for I have given it to you. This is the time to claim your inheritance! Don’t hold anything back for it is yours. Let out a mighty shout – quake the heavens with your voices. I am awaiting you and love you with an everlasting love. Be courageous and strong. Fear not for I am with you – says the Lord of Hosts!

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