Month: September 2014

The Whole Word

The Whole Word – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #36 – 7/8/2008 – Airing on 9/18/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

I am that I am. I am Elohim. I am Jehovah Jireh. I am Jehovah Shalom – your everything. Come to me for all your burdens, troubles and even ideas! For all good things come from me. I am whom you seek. I exist in every realm and dimension. I am so intricate and yet so expansive, never ending. This is whom you seek. I am your banner of love, your healer, and provider. I am that I am. I am the bright and morning star. I am your battle guard and shield. I am rich beyond measure. I speak truth. I am Elohim-Joppa. I am the sword of the Spirit. I am whom you seek. I am the expanse. I am the fields and the skies (sky). I am creation itself – It is who I am. I live in all I have created. A part of me goes into each work of art I have created, whether good or evil, plant, animal or human. For all things were created for good, and the good of mankind.

Pride and shame both exalt themselves above me but do not succeed. However, these are the things that separate me from my people. Women and men of faith please me. Doubt and unbelief are of Satan, they are not human nature. Know this and think accordingly. Do not give way to the wiles of the devil. But give wholeheartedly all to me as I know how to balance and create unity. Unity is how I made creation. Everything functions and is designed to function in balance – with a cause and effect for each action. Therefore know my word and live, breathe, and speak my word so you may be filled to the full and live in unity with all peoples.

I am not radical – although the religious think so. The religious men are predictable, are trained and repeat themselves and their traditions. Yet I am a creative force – yes unpredictable in the ways of man, but always can be counted on. This is whom you seek. Therefore believe in me, which includes every word from my written word. All my word must be believed – not just portions. Do you believe in your hand but not your foot? Your eyes but not your mouth? This brings utter ruin! No – believe the whole Word – both what is written and what is not written (the unseen) and truly you will see miracles come to pass. Bring the whole word as you do the whole tithe in to the storehouse so there will be food enough for all. Because man does not live on bread alone, but by every word of God.

Preachers and teachers – Bring the whole word into the storehouse (peoples hearts and minds) so I may fully function in your churches. Truly, the day is coming where each church is weighed. Whom are you serving? You must love me more than your congregation, your salaries, and yes your very lives. This is a tall but necessary order. Do not be deceived in these last days. If you are not sure your Church is missing a portion of my word – than come to me and ask me, for I always give with good measure to those who ask and seek me. And do not hesitate to listen to the prophets I send you – and yes, weigh the word to my word to see if it is truly of my Spirit. Pray, seek, and knock – for I always confirm my word with 2 or 3 witnesses. Be encouraged in these last days my servants. For I am all you seek, live and breathe. Remove every weight that hinders your walk with me. For the times are here where your walk is a running race and weights will not be a help to you at all. All you have taken on – whether good or bad – if it is slowing you down, then remove it so I may complete the work I have started in each of you. Even a small thing will feel quite burdensome after running long distances with it. Remove every weight that hinders – no matter how small or insignificant. Be wise and seek me – for I will reveal through two and sometimes three witnesses as what shall be removed. Remember – The religious leaders removed ‘Jesus’ because they hated him. So don’t be like the religious men – cutting out and removing your very life force. Be wise and seek me as to know what should be removed. Christ died for the church – so it is I require your hearts – to lay down your lives for the sake of your flocks. Remember – if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly. You who want miracles in your services but do not sow enough of my word in your teachings – you yourselves must become my word- in unity so my word may flow forth from your hearts and minds through your speech to obtain the miracles you seek. Bring the whole word in to my storehouse (peoples hearts and minds) so there will be food in my house (so my sheep may survive in these last days)

Special Guests: Apostle Michael Petro & Prophet Mornay Johnson 








Repent! – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #33 – 8/10/2011 – Airing on 8/28/2014  on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

And He said unto me; Write down what I tell you. Destruction is coming. Woe to the inhabitants of America for her wickedness, especially the wickedness in high places. See? See the glory of their ways? When men glory in their imaginations – in their own ideas, in themselves, sudden destruction will come. Glory not in yourselves my people. But turn from your wicked ways. “But how are we wicked? Surely he is talking about someone else!” No, I am pertaining to you, says the Lord of hosts. I have searched to and fro – throughout the face of this earth and have found FEW whose hearts are fixed on Me. Your hearts are far from me. Your hearts are filled with entertainment, vain glory, hatred, unforgiveness, judgments, pride, arrogance and the like. Surely destruction is coming and who will be able to stand? Those whose hearts are pure before me. Therefore my beloved church – pray. There is little time left. You must repent of all wickedness. Search yourselves and lay your hearts and minds on my alter of sacrifice, and allow me to consume by fire this sacrifice. What remains will remain and what is taken will be taken. This is crucial my church , to continue in my will (in accordance to my will).

What is in your heart? Is there a speck? Is there a seed of wickedness? Remove it quickly for wicked seeds are about to gain strength beyond numbers. Remember your heart nourishes your entire system through your blood stream. As it pumps blood through your organs, veins and inner parts – the blood which is the life – feeds everything inside you. A seed of this sort will eminate a vibration of its contents. What is to be released on this earth will search out hearts and find any wicked seed. Nothing will be hidden. You can not hide from this. The only way for protection is to watch, pray, and sacrifice your hearts and minds. Lay them on my alter of sacrifice. Allow me to consume them and what remains will remain and what is taken will be taken. You need not any righteousness of your own. But exchange your hearts & minds for mine, for I can give you a new heart full of seeds of righeousness.

Allow me to transfer wealth in your pockets – but beware. Your seeds of righteousness must prevail. Great temptation will come for some to squander the wealth given to them. But waste not this blessing on things of the world, but use it to further my kingdom, my children. My desire is that NONE will perish or be lost. But that all come to me. Time is moving quicker than ever before. Time is running out quickly. Allow me to search your hearts my children. Let me sift through and see if there would be any wicked seeds to be found. Seeds can be so small, my children. A wind can come by and blow a small seed somewhere undetected. And if it goes on undetected, it will grow. If there is any portion of your heart unsifted – and unprotected or neglected, there is great danger. My children come out of your complacency! I prefer that you are hot or cold, but the lukewarm I detest. What is your witness in Christ Jesus? Where is your victory, you who are lukewarm? Wake up! Wake up church and open your spiritual eyes. Do not think you will bypass what is coming if you have a speck in your heart. Repent church! Repent for your wickedness – repent for neglect of your temple – repent for idolatry, adultery that is in your heart. “Surely, he is speaking about someone else!” you say. But I say, “No, I am speaking about you.” Your hearts are precious to me. I am prepared to sift through. Are you willing? Then ask me to do this wonderful thing for you. Time has almost run out church, prepare, prepare, prepare your hearts & minds. See you in prayer.

Be faithful to seek my face and seek me first – just talk to me. I am faithful. I am no respector of persons. I have overcome the world, therefore come to me and prepare your hearts for altar work and cleansing, and you will be spared from what is coming. I love you my children – Watch and pray.

Special Guests: Apostle Michael Petro & Prophet Mornay Johnson







Equally Yolked

Equally Yolked – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #35- 8/26/2014 – Airing on 9/11/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

This is the word you are to share:

People, this is a crucial time. I have prepared many for such a time as this. Many of you will be called and used in ways unimaginable to you at this time. But Glory be to God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Hosts – The Kingdom of Light.

The special word for today is FOCUS. Which means – focus on the assignment I have called you to. It doesn’t mean to do what everyone else is doing – especially if you feel you have to. It means to focus on Me- Yeshua Hamashia – who is Jesus Christ, the Christ, the Holy on of God – and it means to be one with Me, to be equally yolked with me. It is not so much a fight than it is to be equally yolked with your Lord and Savior. Stop you striving and come into the place of worship and rest.

Pray much my children with fervency. Lift up every circumstance to me. Striving features worry. But resting in me means – accomplishing much while being equally yolked with me.

One of the original laws was to never yolk 2 different types of animals together. This is a foreshadow of the things to come, for you shall be equally yolked with me.

Rest in me with full confidence my children, for without me you are nothing more than a withered branch. Know Me and My ways. Rejoice – its not over yet and no one has begun singing either!

Rejoice and be glad for the earth and its fullness belongs to the Lord God almighty. Yes, fervently pray, and accomplish as much as you can for the kingdom of God.   Be diligent and persistent, and also consistent. Be a doer of my word.

Do not follow many paths where I have not called you to. Make sure I have called you to a place before you go. Make sure what you are involved in is what I have specifically called you to.

Do not be idle; wasting the time the Lord has so graciously given you. But at the same time do not worry. These words are to encourage you this day; that all is well with you soul if you are found in me. Encourage each other. Lift each other up. Help one another. This battle is the Lord’s as you well know. But the Lord uses any vessel he well pleases and is expecting a great harvest from his investment. Meaning God will expect (spiritual) fruit out of what he has given you. We are not to hide in the ground our talents. Use well our talents for the Lord to bring multiplication and a blessing.

Let us not be found to be like the wicked servant who hid his talent in the earth (ground). But we shall be righteous and found in Him, our Saviour Christ Jesus. And we shall live victoriously in Him in every situation.

Rejoice my beloved – these things must happen – and cannot be prevented. But you shall be given your due inheritance and be gloriously lifted up – and be used and sent to all the nations of the earth.

I rejoice over you, over each one of you. Be ready children, not in fear but as my spokesmen and spokeswomen; the voice; the trumpet.


Special Guests:    

Bishop Phillips Banini from International Healing Cathedral

Mr & Mrs. Darrell (Norma)Owens

Hosting Dr. Susanna Kokkonen of Yad Vashem