Revival – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #34 – 8/24/2014 – Airing on 9/04/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

Beloved! I am yours and you are mine. See! See! See what I am about to do in your midst! My Glory. My Glory is about to reign on the earth! It is about to reign over every principality and power in high places and low places. You will see a notable difference in the earth my bride! You will see! You will see! You have asked to have your eyes opened you have asked that demonic scales be removed from your eyes. You have requested that every twig, stick, branch, and log be removed from blocking and hindering your sight.

And now, let this day be the day of hope fulfilled. Let this day be the day of answered prayer. Let this day be – what it was created to be. What it has been destined for. Let your feet this day be placed on my holy mountain as you stand naked and bare before me. I am about to clothe you in utter holiness – The clothing of righteousness – My glory cloud; clothing of the Holy Spirit. May my mighty wind blow through your beings and revive you for what you have been destined for. Let revival break forth! Let the earth be forever changed!

For God does not change – but man is incapable of change without the LORD.

For I am! I am the holy one. I am power from the most high – I am the strategic planner of this day. I am the master key that opens every lock known to mankind. I am worthy to be praised and you will experience my glory for it is my will.

Fret not; and do not dismay. For the Lord is with you in a mighty way. The Lord is- and is to come. The Lord is your banner and your shield. He is your buckler and praise banner. Be ready church, be ready children, my bride – and experience the glory that is about to be bestowed unto you. Keep pressing in – the Lord is with you and is for you.

Special Guests:

(Mr & Mrs.) Darrell & Norma Owens – Hosting Dr. Susanna Kokkonen of Yad Vashem







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