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Revival – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #34 – 8/24/2014 – Airing on 9/04/2014 on KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

Beloved! I am yours and you are mine. See! See! See what I am about to do in your midst! My Glory. My Glory is about to reign on the earth! It is about to reign over every principality and power in high places and low places. You will see a notable difference in the earth my bride! You will see! You will see! You have asked to have your eyes opened you have asked that demonic scales be removed from your eyes. You have requested that every twig, stick, branch, and log be removed from blocking and hindering your sight.

And now, let this day be the day of hope fulfilled. Let this day be the day of answered prayer. Let this day be – what it was created to be. What it has been destined for. Let your feet this day be placed on my holy mountain as you stand naked and bare before me. I am about to clothe you in utter holiness – The clothing of righteousness – My glory cloud; clothing of the Holy Spirit. May my mighty wind blow through your beings and revive you for what you have been destined for. Let revival break forth! Let the earth be forever changed!

For God does not change – but man is incapable of change without the LORD.

For I am! I am the holy one. I am power from the most high – I am the strategic planner of this day. I am the master key that opens every lock known to mankind. I am worthy to be praised and you will experience my glory for it is my will.

Fret not; and do not dismay. For the Lord is with you in a mighty way. The Lord is- and is to come. The Lord is your banner and your shield. He is your buckler and praise banner. Be ready church, be ready children, my bride – and experience the glory that is about to be bestowed unto you. Keep pressing in – the Lord is with you and is for you.

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Be Diligent to the End

Be Diligent to the End – Inspirational writing by Janet Mata    – Airing on 8/21/2014 KXEG 1280AM

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The Word of the Lord today is:

Behold! I am the Lord your God and I am one. I am the one and only. I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph Tav. Study my word. Be diligent and consistent my love. Keep pressing in, for all I have promised is yours. Lay hold of my promises, for I have given you the city! War like never before, church, pray without ceasing, commune consistently with me, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, not willing to share you with any other god. Be diligent. Why? – Because I desire you whole-heartedly.

I detest the lukewarm. How can you tell if you have become lukewarm? Go back and see if you are doing what you once used to do for the zeal of God. Are you pressing in? Or are you quite comfortable? I am raising up a Joshua generation – this is the generation who are willing to fight for righteousness and holiness as did Joshua – as did David – who were not afraid to fight for the Lord their God. They were diligent and full of zeal.

Have I not said to count the cost of following me? Finish well my children and be encouragers for your sisters and brothers in Christ. Encourage each other daily with Psalms and Hymns. You must be diligent to the end.   So therefore, take heed, be full of zeal in these last days.

Be willing to give up everything for me; for surely the time of testing for your willingness is coming, and has come already for some of you. Know this; forgive one another – especially those in the body of Christ – your sisters and your brothers. Forgive them daily so I in turn can forgive you. Give and it shall be given, pray and your prayer shall be answered.

Withhold from me and I will withhold from you.

Children, many of my promises will be fulfilled at the end. Those of you who are building your treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy; they are secure here in heavenly places.

Be careful in your earthly rewards – such as praises from men and earthly honor, for in some desiring these things, you have already received your due reward. Isn’t it better to patiently wait, knowing your treasures are being stored up in heaven? Will you arrive empty handed?

Search your heart friend, where do your treasures lie? Where is your heart fixed? Is your heart fixed on me, on heavenly desires? ..on the Kingdom of Heaven?

Do not be deceived my love. Earthly treasures are fleeting, but a vapor. They are here today and gone tomorrow. So why then do you get discouraged when you lose these things? Know ye not the foundations of my kingdom?

Do not store up in barns where moth and rust can destroy. But store your kingdomly treasures in heaven where your things will be well protected. Remember not to build your house on sand but to build on the solid rock; the cornerstone of your faith. For then will your treasures stand firm to the end.

Search your heart – and even your mind. Lay them on the altar of sacrifice and allow me to consume them with my holy ghost fire. Be willing vessels my children. Be ready daily for spiritual warfare,

Be ready; by putting on your armor daily, the breastplate of righteousness, The belt of truth, putting on the shoes of peace, holding up the shield of faith to protect you from the fiery darts of Satan, and hold up the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Declare that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and any tongue that speaks against you, condemn. For this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. And put on the helmet of Salvation – the mind of Christ. Cover yourself with the sacrificial blood of the lamb; the victorious blood that has been empowered to raise the dead. Let go of all that is fleeting.   Do not worry, flock for you will soon see my mighty right hand move before you; in your mist.

Continue to stand firm, knowing you do not fight against flesh and blood, but principalities, powers in high places and minions in low places – Be on your guard consistently for you do not know when the evil one may strike. But be encouraged – commune with me daily, consistently, for when you do, you will have the peace of God which bypasses all understanding. You will be full of light, truth and power. I will fight for you so stand firm to the end, believing and not turning back.

Do not lose everything you have worked so hard for. For the spiritual outlasts the natural, and the natural prophetically shadows the spiritual. Everything you do matters!

Therefore do not be deceived; for we write down your entire lives here in our archives, every word spoken in secret is available for all to see. Every thought, deed and action are recorded here in heavenly places. Know ye not the word of God? Study my friend – do everything blamelessly so you will receive the crown of life – and rewards due you. Be heavenly minded, not earthly minded. Seek me – be diligent and live!


The Time is Now

The Time is Now – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show # 31 – 8/12/2014 – Airing on 8/14/2014 on KXEG 1280AM at 4:30PM Arizona Central Time for a free download of this show.

The Word of the Lord today is:

Be it far from me that you should perish during this hour. Have I not spoken from the prophets of your seasons about the transfer of wealth? Have I not confirmed my word through many of my servants?

But there is a purpose in this my son, my daughter. The purpose was to bring you near to me in this last hour, so you may be included in this wealth transfer.

Yes, my word does state that I bless and send rain on the wicked and the righteous. However the time is coming and is practically here where the wealth of the wicked will be dismantled and given to the righteous – those who love me and are kingdom givers. My truth and gospel must be proclaimed to the ends of the earth – The living word must be spoken to every creature.

Once again my people shall be called blessed. Once again my people shall be above. Once again my people will be the majority.

I am calling a harvest children that no man can fathom. I am calling in the harvest of souls for my kingdom. I have prepared everything. My sons and daughters are now prepared . Get ready children to receive an entire expansion of your family -The sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers in Christ.

They are coming. You will bring them in.   You will share the gospel of Christ to those who are dying and are at death’s door. You will accomplish mighty feats for the kingdom of God. You will go out to the highways and bi-ways, to the places of solitude and isolation. You are being sent out to the north, to the south, east and the west to accomplish your divine destiny in Christ Jesus.

You are the apple of mine eye. You are a mighty fortress. You are a witness and a javelin. You will proclaim my mighty words of truth and will see mighty miracles following you. But you will not have time to even bask in wonder in them because the harvest is great and the multitude who are coming in is so vast. There will be so many wonders you will not remember them all.

Just as it was in the days of Jesus walking on earth displaying mighty signs, wonders and miracles, so it shall be with you. Greater will it be with you. If Jesus were to be multiplied into every believer who has been prepared for this hour; that is how much more you will see these things take place.

Mass deliverances, healings, and miracles will take place. But my servants will remain focused, and articulate. They will not allow these things to sway them from the left or the right because their hope is in the eternal one, the all sufficient one. Their hope will be in the God who created all things. And they shall be my spokesmen and spokeswomen. They shall proclaim truth in every nook and cranny on earth. They will proclaim the Word of the Lord in a mighty way and with great power and success.

So now, why do you fret and frown as though nothing has been promised? Remove every weight and attitude of unbelief, and come out of agreement with the enemy of your soul.

Remember to remove every wicked seed, by coming to me daily, sacrificing your time and energy for me, the lover of your soul – for I paid a great price for this privilege.

Count the cost my friend. Again I say count the cost. What you give up for me; do not go back and pick up. Do not return to your own vomit, but instead be partakers of the kingdom of heaven.

Trust me, your source. I am your everything. Everything you need is found in me, the author and giver of life. Let this be an encouragement today, that today is the day of salvation. Today is the day of your deliverance. Today is the day of your healing. Today is the day of vengeance against the enemy to restore to you everything that has been stolen from your bloodline from the beginning.

Can you fathom what is coming? How shall you prepare? The only way to bear the weight of what is coming is to be found in me and I in you. You must remain in me, and I will remain in you. Come seeking me daily, morning, afternoon, and evening. Seek me at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinnertime too.

Seek me early in the morning, and late in the evening. Seek me while driving in your car, seek me while at your workplace. Tune your ear towards me and turn your hearts towards heaven.

Remember how intense my glory is, children. Look into scriptures about the glory and how it was hidden and too intense for any to go near. Remember how my glory was a fearful thing for most, and they would not come.

Now is the time. Now is the time children, there is still time to turn from your sins, to allow me to awaken in you your divine destiny. Your divine calling has a special key that unlocks it. You are the lock and I am the key. I am the key to life, and all abundance and blessings.

I am always at your side. I am with you everywhere you go. Turn from any sins and abandon all iniquities. Turn from wickedness, idolatry, and from everything I hate. Turn while there is still time. You must know what my glory can do – this is a warning children. You must be in the right place to stand firm to the end. Remove from yourselves all scoffing and disbelief, including all pride. For these shall not inherit my kingdom.

Let go of religion, and embrace me, your relief!

Let me be your guide, let me be your prince. Let me be your king, Let me be your everything -For I am great, my name is great, and I hold your entire world in my hands.

Do not trust in riches, fame, or your own strength. Come to me in this last hour, and humble yourself in front of your congregations.

Pastors and Leaders, teach my flock the truth. Let go of all man-made religion and let go; submitting only to me.

Let go of all traditions of man, and refrain from man-made rules and regulations.

Inquire of the Lord God Yahweh how to manage the flock given to you. Inquire of me, your creator and God, for there is no strength that will last through these last days except for mine.

You will be mighty in the land if only you obey me and listen to me. Your flocks will flourish and be blessed and you will be blessed.

Take heed, repent, listen, and make changes now. Now is the time. Now is the time. The time is now.

My love endures forever. Make the choice to be included in the blessings that are coming – for many will fall without me. You cannot stand on your own strength as you have been doing – you who have been doing this.

Give your feeble strength to me, and allow me to make a mighty fortress out of it that will give me great glory and honor.

I love you children, son, and daughter. I love you.

Ungodly Soul Ties

Ungodly Soul Ties– Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show # 30 – Airing on 8/07/2014 on KXEG 1280AM at 4:30PM Arizona Central Time for a free download of this show.

Word of the Lord:

Verily Verily I say unto you, you are my bride – I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am the all sufficient one, the everlasting to everlasting. I am your battleguard and shield and buckler. I am the aleph tav, the beginning and the end. I have always existed, and am eternal. It is who I am.

So come to me, who is the creator of the universe, who owns all the gold and the silver, who loves you beyond measure. I have given you choices my children. You are free to choose. My desire is that all would come to me, as you are my creation. But you have a choice. Choose ye this day whom you will serve, so that you may have life, and have life abundantly.

Your lives are full of consequences of choices that have been made. Press in, and drudge through, repent, forgive and break ungodly soul ties to free yourself from past bondages, sin, and addictions. My word says they shall leave their father and mother and the two shall become one. Know ye not when ye sin with fornication your bodies become one with whom ye marry?

My word is truth, and the truth shall set you free. Fast, seek, knock and pray. Ask – for the wisdom of the Father of heavenly lights goes beyond the question. Read and study my word. Seek me, knock and ask and the doors and floodgates will be opened unto you. I say today, be reasonable, take a look at yourself and your life and be ready to be held accountable. Everything is changeable – you have the choice to change or not to change. My son died and suffered an agonizing death on the cross – for your healing, salvation, and the success of your deliverance and the breaking of soul ties.

Repent my child, know that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, so there is healing and deliverance awaiting you if you seek it. Glory to God in the highest – as he is the victor in every situation through the death at the cross and his shed blood which is available to all who desire it.

Amen and Amen

The word of truth and encouragement today is: 

1 Corinthians 6:16  Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”

In other words, if you have committed the sin of adultery or fornication at any time in your life, you have created a ungodly soul tie, according to scripture.

So, how is it possible to break such a soul tie?

Matthew 19:26   Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Prayer & Deliverance:

The only reason we can undo the ungodly soul tie and even reverse the consequencial effects is because Jesus has shed his precious blood on the cross for our healing and deliverance.

The word soul tie is being used to mark the knitting together of your soul to a person, but it can also take place through other means such as and addiction to cigarettes,  music, or anything having to do with a vow, commitment or agreement, either verbal, to God, or as thoughts and feelings.

Can this be the reason why I can’t seem to break free from this bondage or curse?

Once you have had a sexual union with another person, you have created a soul tie.  This means that not only can you pick up a disease in the natural, but also in the spiritual.

For instance; If the person you were with had issues with abuse, witchcraft, or accidents, you could have picked up some extra baggage.

The soul tie allows the relationship between the two to continue on and never end even if you break up or get a divorce.  The soul tie needs to be broken, once and for all, in the name of Jesus.

What are some of the symptoms of having a soul tie?

Feeling fragmented – not all there, or having thoughts of the other person even though you may now be married to someone else, or experiencing negativity in any area which coincidentally began right after your union.

What do I do now?

First of all, repent.

The first thing that has to happen is you need to ask God to forgive you of the sin of fornication, or adultery, or any other sexual sin encounter allowing you to have this soul tie.  This includes any oath, agreement or contract that you have engaged in even in thought.  Ask forgiveness for any inner vow, agreement, oath, and sexual sin resulting in a soul tie.  Renounce the sin, and break the curse behind the soul tie.

Then, command all the parts of you that went into the other party to come out of them, washed in the blood of Jesus and come back to you.

Then, likewise command all the parts of the other party to come out of you, washed in the blood of Jesus and go back to them.

Last, command every demon behind the soul ties or curse to come out of you and go to the pit.You may ask the warring angels to assist in removing and relocating these parts and escorting demons to the pit, not allowing them to return, regroup in any way shape or form.

In order to do this you must be prepared to live a holy life and cast out either through self-deliverance or a deliverance minister all forms of lust and sexual sins including abuse, molestation, rape, and the like.

Father God thank you for your living word, which is all powerful.

Right now I will lead you into a prayer of repentance and forgiveness if you are willing to break any soul ties you have in your life as a result of abuse or sin, or ungodly agreement.

We put on the full armor of God – we put on the Helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of peace, and we hold up the shield of faith to protect us from the firey darts of the ememy and we hold up the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, we declare no weapon formed against us shall prosper and any tongue that rises against us we condemn in the mighty name of Jesus.

In the name of Yeshua, I bind the demonic power of the air over this radio station and all who are listening right now in the name of Jesus and bind up the hordes of hell that are surrounding us and ask you to send confusion to the demonic realm.

Just say this along with me;

In the name of Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I forgive the following people who have hurt me;———-

And I release them out of the cage of my heart.

I ask forgiveness for the sin of fornication, adultery, and all sexual sins that I have committed and the sins of my ancestors both my mothers and fathers side of the bloodline, going all the way back to Adam and Eve.

I renounce these sins, and break their curses over myself, my bloodline, and all future generations.

I specifically break all soul ties between myself and all former sex partners, whether by will, abuse, or molestation or rape.

You can specifically break all soul ties between you and –name the person – for greater power in your deliverance and healing.

Now I take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, and cut all these soul ties in the name of Jesus and command all the parts of the former sex partners to leave your children who are praying , wash those parts in the blood of Jesus, and go back to the former partners, making them whole.

And we command all the parts from your children who are now praying,  to come out of each former sex partner or abuser, wash them in the blood of Jesus, and return to your children, making them healed and whole, no longer fractured.

We agree right now that every demon behind those soul ties must leave your children NOW in the mighty name of Jesus.  We command the curses and unclean spirits that have been hiding out all this time to leave now –

Please agree with me people of God who are partaking right now – use your authority in Christ Jesus to command it all out,

If you are yawning or burping, this is normal as they release this way.

Now we shut every demonic door to these soul ties and seal them with the precious blood of Jesus.

I ask you Father God to restore your children with a spirit of divine purity, truth and love, Fill them with the love of their heavenly father, joy and health in the name of Jesus.  Amen

I Am Yours

I Am Yours – Inspirational Writing by Janet Mata

Radio Show #29 – 7/29/2014 – Airing on 7/31/2014 on KXXTAM for a free download of this show.

The Word of the Lord today is:

Behold! I am yours and you are mine. I love my church, my people. I love those who have sacrificed for me, fully, totally, and completely. I love those who are seeking, diligently, consistently, ever searching. For those who do are finding, discovering, and are finding that doors are opening.

Seek me, the Father of Wisdom, who is the beginning of all things, the beginning and the end.

This is the day I have made, rejoice, rejoice and be glad in it! For you are not promised tomorrow. You have today, to accomplish your daily feats, and to enjoy its fruits. Good fruits are to be enjoyed. Good fruits are pleasing to the eye, and are refreshing for those who choose to taste. Good fruits are your refreshing as you walk on your journey toward the kingdom of heaven. Rest in me, for I am your refreshing.

Do not allow good fruits to rot. Use wisely what has been given you and you will see good come to pass. Use the good fruit when it ripens and all I have will be given to you. The fruits of the Spirit are; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Against such there is no law. I call on my children to be a holy people, a holy bride. A pure and spotless bride. You are the bride of Christ. I am yours and you are mine. I love you to no measure, endless, and forever. You are on my thoughts and I am ever joyful over you. I love your worship and praise unto me. I love your prayers and countenances towards me, your creator, your God.

Be mindful of wicked practices and do not be a partaker in them. For you shall be blameless unto me, your God Yahweh, and you shall be holy unto me.

For I desire a holy people, a holy nation, a holy bride. I suffered for you so you may have life and life abundantly. Come unto me and sup with me; spending what you have on me, your creator, your love. I am always here In your midst. Forever, always.


Far be it from me, that you should perish during this hour. Beloved, I am Yours! …and You are mine! Have I not spoken through the prophets of your time reguarding the blessing and the transfer of wealth? Have I not spoken through my people who trumpet this new sound? For nothing has been created in existence without speaking it out first. Everything you see has been spoken into existence. Fear not my beloved. Frown and fret not, for lo my promises are yes and amen! See? See what has taken place? Do not allow the enemy of your soul and mind to deceive you in this hour. Keep pressing in bride, keep doing what is righteous before me. Keep pursuing the kingdom of God and keep gaining momentum , gaining more ground.

Do not believe the lies of this church age. Come out of complacency and fear. Doing nothing isn’t your call. Complaining isn’t your call, Fretting and Worry isn’t your call. Begin by praising me for my awesome power, and presence.

I AM the Lord of glory, the Lord of Hosts! And I am Your reward! I am sufficient, and I am your doorpost, your door, your shield, I am your breastplate and your belt. I am your shoes and your helmet. I am your sword. Put on Jesus Christ. Dress yourself in me! I clothe you better than the lilies in the field. I clothe you in righteousness and holiness. I clothe you with truth. I provide the gospel of peace. I give you the mind of Christ.   I am your faith which has gone before you, teaching you day and night. I am the Word of God, giving you every answer to life’s problems.   I Am. – Which means the beginning and the end – the Aleph Tav. The Aleph is the Ox – who is yolked with you in righteousness to pull you to your Divine Destiny. I am the Tav which is the ‘T” – the cross of Christ.   You shall carry your cross to your divine destination. I require of you to carry your cross without complaint and without remorse or worldly sorrow.

Know ye not what I have planned for you? A plan of hope, not despair. A plan to prosper you, not to destroy you. A plan to lift you up, not to tear you down. A plan to bring to completion what I have begun in you. Shall a canvas say to its painter what color to use or what image to paint? Shall a wad of clay speak to its creator and state what it shall be and where it shall be used?

Utterly not! Allow me to use you where you were predestined for. What is written in the books in heaven. The heavenly archives. For these have been established since the beginning. Fulfill your purpose in Christ Jesus. Fulfill your divine destiny – not moving to the right or left. Fulfill your call, Fulfill the glory that is to take place. For Jesus was not fully resurrected until he submitted all. He submitted unto death, even death on a cross. He suffered and was beaten, and he was obedient unto death and he did not open his mouth.

What then? Shall you display knowledge and no action? Shall you fall into hypocrisy and not do your share in the body of Christ?

All are destined for a certain glory, which is coming. You all know it is coming. The glory is coming, but not without a price. The price must be paid. Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price.

But you must carry your cross and pay and suffer along with Christ to fulfill your God ordained destiny. But you shall not die, but instead Live, and declare the works of the Lord God Yeshua Hamashiah. You shall bring resurrection and life to every place you go. You shall be used in a mighty way. You are my beloved and I am yours. What more shall you desire? Nontheless, you SHALL be blessed. You SHALL be glorified. You SHALL prosper. You SHALL be known by your enemies that you are mine. I SHALL not only provide, but break open the floodgates of heaven to pour out the inheritance due you. I AM MIGHTY and you shall see my glory. A light so bright that it will cause death to some, and an awakening to others.

All hearts have been tested. I have weighed your hearts to see what was inside each one. I have inspected and introspected and planted good seed. Some of you have allowed me to remove many wicked seeds, and for this I commend you and will send an extra special blessing.

Know this, follow me and do not look back. Do not complain, Do not wither, or shrink back. But instead, follow me fully, wholeheartedly without doubt or fear. Do not allow double-mindedness to enter into your being. Stay focused and erase every demonic distraction from you. For you are created in my image, and I am Love.

I am love and know no bounds. I am your icing on the cake, I am the refreshing who is coming in a new way. The sound has been trumpeted. The mighty trumpet has been spoken. It has been shouted at the rooftops and throughout your airwaves.

Speak your day into existence for there is great power in the tongue. The tongue is a mighty fortress, it can block and hinder and can also release wonders and mighty feats.

Blessings to you my beloved. Stay true to me for I intercede for you daily.

Stay true to me, your beloved and see what I am about to do.

For I am the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever.


Comment: Truly a right on time word from Elohim – Debra 8/9/2014

Comment: It is a blessing to hear the word of the Lord. I thank him and praise him everyday for all he has done and going to do. God Bless your radio show and you for being so faithful.  – Juleen 8/10/2014